A Fabulous Time

So last night was pretty freaking fun. A girlfriend of mine had canceled so I got ahold of a new girlfriend and asked if she wanted to get together possibly go dancing. I wore my new black booties, my new metallic jeans, a Marilyn Monrow top my parents got me and did a funky hair style it looked like I had part of my head shaved but really it was a braid. My makeup was on point and I looked pretty good I think.

imageI did black shadow on the lid, a ton of mascara, filled in my brows with brow powder, did some gloss and blush and yea my makeup looked really good.

imageI had also asked a friend of mine if he was working at this club that I used to go to. He said he was and so that’s where we stopped first so I could go in and say hello. We had a drink there which was great and then headed to the second location.

When we drove past the second place there was a huge lineup and I asked my friend if we could go to Centretown Pub which I used to go to all time a few years back. Because the second location had a huge line I didn’t want to stand in the cold and my booties are not winter there just dressy. She didn’t have a problem with that and I also said maybe I’ll bump into a few people I know.

Well I sure bumped into people I knew. Like a crap load of them lol. People I haven’t seen in a few years to like 5 years. I honestly had an amazing time met some new people as well which was fun. And looking forward in going back to my old favourite place. Just hope it stays put because at the moment it’s up for sale. Thanks to Facebook tho I was able to reconnect with a few people.

Everyone complimented me not just on how I looked but also my tattoo. It was a great night and I didn’t get stupid ass drunk which was also nice. I remembered the night and everyone I met and chatted to so that was also a great feeling.

Over & Out


Top? Bottom? Or Vers?

I’m not sure why but some guys seem to think it’s okay to ask not just the title of this post but other questions such as favourite sexual position or better yet this dreaded question “How big are you?”.

Just because I’m a transsexual does not mean I’m a sex crazed animal. Nor does it mean I don’t deserve the same respect as any other female. And I always find it laughable when they say I’m just asking out of curiosity. Really now sure okay I get it no really I do!.

Also I find it laughable when you’re talking to a guy from online and before even meeting each other they ask you. “So would you want to meet me and say I dunno sleep over we don’t have to have sex or anything?”.

Um and you say you want a relationship yeah right. As far as I’m concerned I don’t know you from a hole in the wall and yet you think I’m going to come over to your house. And we’re just going to sleep. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Sometimes being attractive has its down falls such as where men just think with their dicks and not with their brains. And they forget that even transsexuals desire the same respect as cis women.

Also why is it of importance to ask upfront weather or not someone is a Top? Botttom? Or Vers?. Unless they are after sex. Also when did the heterosexual community take over gay terms? I understand anal sex is no longer a gay thing but seriously I have a check list of things I run through my head and if people don’t check mark off some of the things then I scratch them out.

If a guy asks the main title questions, it puts a bad taste in my mouth same with asking how big my genitals are, to me it screams sexual dick head with no manners. Also asking what my favourite sexual positions are why do you need to know this right away?. Also dick pics just no. Leave something to the imagination guys and also don’t tell me your dick size it’s not going to impress me what’s so ever I honestly do not care.

Basically if you don’t ask cis women these questions then don’t ask transsexual women. Respect is key period if you want respect you have to give it period.

I still believe that any respectable guy who is looking for a relationship will leave some questions to after going on multiple dates with the person and getting to know who they are. That’s the fun part about dating. Not giving everything away before even meeting them. There should be some form of mystery and taking your time in finding out who they are. Why give everything up before even meeting face to face. It just slays me how some people can be.

It’s never a dull moment with being trans and using any form of the online platform of dating.

2016 The Year Of The Past

So far this month of Jan has been quite funny and I say this because three guys from my past has popped up in my life even for a brief moment.

The first is this guy who I met when I first moved to Ottawa sorta like with in the first few years actually all 3 guys I had met with in the first 3 years.

So the first guy I had met in a chat room on Yahoo. He was tall with dark hair muscled tattooed and when he came to fix my computer he was wearing a super man t-shirt. In my mind I was thinking hot damn. He can fix me any time. Move forward to 2005 when I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment he came over one night and we ended up messing around. We had a good friendship before any of that happened.

We also had hot steamy sex one time too. But then we ended up losing touch for about three years or longer. He then called me one year ago and I kinda told him off then I regretted it and have thought about him from time to time. And then just a few weeks ago he emailed me out of the blue.

He’s a nice guy but a full on bad boy to the T. Had gone to jail for a while hence not talking to him for a while. And now we’re talking but I really can’t see me hanging out with him anytime soon since he’s on house arrest. There is much more to the story but I don’t want to air out his dirty laundry since it’s not my story to tell. But he looks just as hot as before I will say that from the photos he’s sent my way. I am going to keep in touch with him though because we were good friends and he never caused any problems for me.

Moving on to the other two guys. Both guys were at some point fwbs of mine. The first guy was a short redheaded guy who also was a DJ of a sort. He emailed me through Craigslist and was like hey how you been but he’s still very much an idiot. And out trolling for sex with trans girls and the other guy who just emailed me this morning again from CL I had met him around the same time and I used to call him Mr Short James Dean more so because of the hair. Of course he’s still got a gf and hoping I’d want to mess with him again but of course I shot down both guys because (Been There Done That Next).

This year I want more for my self so the guys that are coming about from my past, well I left you in my past and I’m not going back. Thanks but no thanks. I told the-redhead guy he was no longer my type same wth Mr James Dean hair. I just find this funny. Like who else is going to come back into my life.

It’s never a dull moment in my life

Hello Craigslist!

I’ve gone old school tho I’m still using Badoo a friend of mine had told me she posted a dating ad on that website. I went looking first to see what it was all about then I created an account and uploaded a dating ad. Its pretty straight forward and short and simple.

I was conversing with one fellow and we had set up a date but due to family issues it was canceled and who knows if I’ll even meet him at this point.

I have had many emails sent to me. Some emails have been super short like hey which honestly bug me. I’ve had people send me photos but not really good ones in the sense of they were side profiles so clearly could not see their face.

Also had an email by a couple lol and yet that got deleted right away. My ad clearly states dating and not causal sex it even says if you seek that to move on to the next ad.

I’ve also gotten some emails from guys stating how pretty I was and that they do not fit the description of who I seek but had to tell me. I don’t even respond back. The nice thing about going old school is that they are not notified if their emails have been read or deleted for that matter.

Which is kind of nice especially when you are going through the emails. I don’t have a ton of hope but a friend of mine is using that site and was or is seeing someone who they met. So I thought I would give it a try.

I also had to put into my ad that I was not a working girl or hooker because I guess there are a lot of trans girls on it who are. And I was asked so I needed to get it out that I was not.

Anywho that’s the latest, oh side note that guy I was hoping to meet from badoo once again he disappeared as they usually do from the apps. At this rate it’s a joke with these apps. But I also did join a new meetup group my plan is to get out there more into the real world and do more activities and meet more people and go from there. That way it’s not a huge deal and it’s more laughable with these fakes online.

The Joys

A New Tattoo- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5

Part 1: Jan 9th 2016

So I went and did it again, I got some more Ink done. What can I say there kinda addictive. I knew I wanted more and the timing is right as well as the money situation for me to get another one. I also wanted to get a pin-up style tattoo with flowers. I also knew I wanted my dogs name and a paw print done as well.

Though finding the right image was a little more challenging than I thought. My tattoo artist had a book with detailed art photos of pin-ups. But finding the perfect one was not in his book that really spoke to me but thanks to google I went looking and found the perfect image. Funny enough the image it self was on a website for temporary tattoos.

Here is what I first found on google


I fell in love with her right away. But of course I wanted a few things changed. My tattoo artist does way better roses so we changed those. I also wanted a rose in her hair. And my dogs name and paw print on her arm. Also the little bit of boob showing I wanted a little bit more.

As for color the rose in her hair will be red and the ones below will be of a turquoise blue color with green leaves, her hair will stay black and then probably pink lips and her body in full color.

Here he’s perfecting what I have asked to change and make better. He’s also tracing the image onto transfer paper to then apply the stencil to apply to me.





After sitting for a few hours for this session he then applies what looks like a clear protective sheet onto the tattoo which I have to leave on my skin for 24 hours and then after that I can shower let water run over top. Without scrubbing it and pat dry then let the air get to it. After that about a day I then can apply lotion that is fragrance free.

With the protective layer


Part 2: Jan 17th 2016

It’s now been about a week. Since removing the protective layer some ink did not take but it’s not a huge problem because it’s just the outline to get the basic idea down. For about a day I was a little red because I think the sticky part of the clear protective layer has some adhesive I don’t take to very well but it has since gone away.

I followed my artists instructions I left that layer on for 24 hours then removed it while I was in the shower. I let water run over it but no soap. Once I patted it dry I let the air get at it. Then the next day when I showered I did wash the area with Aveeno body wash. It’s good for dry skin and there is no fragrance in it. Then I put a thin layer of coconut oil and have used that three times a day. I’ve had very minimal shedding of skin.

I have one more week to go till I get the color put into the tattoo and some of the lines fixed up. This is by far turning out to be one of my favourite tattoos yet. Here is a photo of what my tattoo currently looks like.


I’m really excited for the color, again this is a work in progress. Also id like to just say she’s really beautiful love the face and eyes. As well the flower in her hair and my dogs name. And the roses are very pretty. I’m excited to see it completed.

Part 3: Jan 23rd 2016

So today was colouring day. I’m extremely happy with the results tho I may have to go in a few weeks for some touch ups but that’s normal with any decent size tattoo. I’m extremely satisfied with how she looks and I just love her to bits.

The photo below is before he started.

Work in progress




The photo below was taken right after my artist was done.


At home with the protective layer on the tattoo



Part 4: Jan 25th 2016

Protective layer has been removed and the tattoo has been lightly washed and now I have been moisturizing and will do so till it’s healed.


Part 5

Watch the video and some live footage enjoy

I’ve Missed You Old Navy


So for Christmas I got a few gift cards which I love getting by the way. Anyways my parents had got me a $50 card. And on the weekend I finally used it. I bought three items all in Tall, the first thing I bought is this Frost-Free Quilted Jacket I picked it up for $21.99. It retails for $59.94 when I had looked a week ago they had it in only XS or S not medium which is what I wanted. But then looking three days ago they had it in medium so of course I snatched it up. It’s fleece lined the main body but the sleeves are not lined with fleece just to point that out. It would probably be warm in like -5 or -10 but anything colder than that you may need a much thicker sweater underneath.

Moving on the photo you see above is the other two items I got. Let’s start with the pants. The pants are The Rockstar Mid-Rise Metallic Skinny Jeans in the color Pewter size 2 Omg super pretty, I got these jeans on sale for $21.99 and to get take advantage of the free shipping I had to throw something in which was the Lightweight Sweater-Knit Top in Tall in color Marin Berry for $5.99.

So The Rock Star line will be my new fave line mainly because they seem to carry size 2’s and from what their website says it’s made for all kinds of body types and shapes and looks flattering on everyone. Also those jeans the Mid-Rise Metallic Skinny Jeans have 2% stretch in them which is great. I also have my eyes on the Mid-Rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans in Bright White. Old Navy seems to always be out of size 2 in The Original line so my next best Jeans to go after is The Rockstar line.

The sweater I bought fits really well, I don’t find it to boxy as some reviews have said on the site. It is more sheer but other wise it’s a cute sweater. And the color is pretty. The jeans I’ll be able to dress up as well down and wear many different tops as well shoes with which is great. I used to have a pair of Rockstar jeans they were in a blue color and they were great except for when I lost all my weight and they ended up being to big. In fact my fat photo where I’m wearing a pink top I’m also wearing the jeans.

As pictured below


Anyways I love getting a good deal and the only thing I had to pay for was the tax. But not bad for getting three items for like $50 bucks, it pays to check on-line a few times and sometimes having to go back to the website just to see if something might come back in stock such as the coat. Nothing like getting new clothes :).

Happy Gift Card Spending


Who’s With Me


On getting sick of guys just wanting one thing. I’m rather sick of causal sex. I want a god damn boyfriend also I have no use for causal sex. Half the time they don’t do it that great and you can get your self off and sure some might say it’s better with someone but only if there good at what they do then I would agree other wise nah.

I’m also getting sick of online dating or as I like to call it online talking because that’s what it is. It’s only online dating if your meeting people in person. But if your never meeting people and you are just talking then all it is is that online talking.

Recently I was on one of the apps and a guy asks me ” hey do you have what’s app” my response back was “Why would I want to go from the app were on to using another app if we live in he same damn city why not just swap numbers and meet?”. I then told him to go waste someone else’s time.

I’m just sick of being someone’s fuck toy? I’m so bored of it. And yes in a way I could view it like I’m using them too but I’m just sick of that alone feeling you feel afterwards. I miss holding hands with someone. Spending quality time together. Going to the movies. Someone to cuddle with, I miss all that. And being loved by someone. I’m still on the hunt for my version of Prince Charming.

So yeah this is where my head space is at.

Tattoos Vers Wigs

So I’m in the middle of getting a new tattoo and I’ll be doing a separate post about it once my tattoo is completed. But I wanted to write this because now that I have all my hair and it’s getting long and growing like a weed. I’ve come to realize that when you don’t have hair and you buy wigs the amount of money they cost. I could have had a crap load of work done filling it with art.

Some wigs cost and I have thrown money out to some that cost from $60 all the way up to $650 or more. And when you buy wigs at say $250 or so and you do that a handful of times, and say you got to restyle it yourself to have to throw the odd one out and eventually grow it I all together. It’s watching money go down the drain and you have nothing to show for it. Except for maybe a photo of you in that wig style.

Given I have been buying wigs for years and the majority of them I no longer have. I could have spent that money on tattoos and have something to show literally. But of course wigs was a huge love for me and passion. But now that I have a full head of hair that’s long to me and still growing wigs are no longer a passion of mine. I do still like them but only wear them on occasion not because I have to but because I want too.

So now my new passion is getting ink. I want more of them so much more I want my whole left arm covered. I want a sleeve of tattoos of course with meaning not for he simple fact of getting ink but because each tattoo has a story.

Whats your passion and what do you wish you spent money on more over then the other?