My Quick Trip To Montreal, Canada

So yesterday I went to Montreal with a new friend of mine. It was really good to get away from Ottawa even if it was just for the day. My friend and I went to Le Chateau they had some good sales but I bought nothing. Then we went more into Downtown and we drove down this one street and I snapped a few photos of these bright coloured houses.

image image image

We ended up parking and walked a little. We ended up going to Tim Hortons for a hot coco and my friend wanted a coffee. She actually grew up in Montreal.


From there we went back into the car and as we were getting ready to drive some place else. I noticed this guy was staring at me in front of a shop. I did a smile but there was nothing from him. Then I waved and he had the biggest smile waved back and then started blowing kisses to me. I thought that was cute.

From there my friend wanted to go to this sex shop lol but when I saw the shop I knew right away what it was in fact it was kind of like a everything shop, they sell clothing and toys and novelty items. I ended buying my first sex toy lol it’s called Best Friends Forever.

This Waterproof Vibrator 10 Function is created by Si Novelties. – Sleek and powerful. – Accessible and discreet for your convenience. – Requires 4 LR44 batteries, included, with four extra batteries. – Phtalate free.


It’s small enough to fit into a purse it had 10 different settings and comes in like a crazy amount of colors I got rose which is more bright pink. It also is like a great deal at only $11.95. Typically I’m not really into toys much but this looks pretty fun. From there we asked the really cute guy that was helping us where he would recommend to go eat that was cheap but not Mc Donald’s, he recommended a place called Cinkos almost everything was $5.00. From where we were he said it was like a 15 minute walk so we ended up driving there which took like 5 minutes.

(Colourful eatery offering eclectic tavern grub such as nachos, salads & burgers, all priced at $5.)

We got there and it was super busy, they took our name and said it would be about a 15 minute wait which was more like a 5 minute wait. It was a really cool urban spot. The tables had old vinyl records as place settings, wire chairs, there was three floors but to get into the place, you walk down stairs like into a basement but then it went pretty far back and then you walk up some stairs to two large booths on either side of the stairs, then three more stairs were the bathrooms on the right and if you went up some more stairs there was a deeper part of the restaurant.

I ordered a salad it’s called



I should have ordered more food but I know for next time. The salmon was pure perfection the flavours of the salad it was like butter. Tasted so good. I also had wine which was Picpoul, Pinot Grigio. Also what was really fun about this place was they had a DJ spinning awesome music. From there we left and wet to go check out a club called Café Cleopatra. I was told about this place and that it used to have Drag performers and it was very trans friendly. But when we got there the place was empty the one older trans women that works there told us it is no longer that type of club and that it was a nude karaoke bar and it was not the place for us but that we should go to Cabaret Mado this spot is in the gay village.

(Festive gender-bending performances are a draw at this gay-friendly, 1920s-inspired nightspot.)

Of course the night life of Montreal doesn’t get busy till like way after 9m more so like 10pm and later. I ended up drinking way to much, I remember drinks were mixed and from there it went down hill sorta but not before I started flirting with this super hot guy who was visiting from France. Though we were at a LGBT friendly bar this guy was straight, I’m pretty sure he was there with a friend of his.


From there I don’t really remember the rest of the night. We ended up driving back and I got in at 2am, mixing drinks is a huge no no, my IBS yelled at me so much that I’ve completely emptied out my system, I have a wee bit of a headache that won’t really go away and me and Pinot are no longer friends let alone speaking to each other. I don’t really care to drink any form of boozer for quite sometime.

All in all though I had a blast, I’d like to go again but maybe check out Old Montreal and plan it a little better but other wise I had a really fun time. As for the French guy from France his English was not good at all and most the time I didn’t understand what he was saying. Also a lot of the drinks that I drank were bought for me so that was pretty cool as well.

Over & Out


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