My New Love Of Selfies

So if nobody has heard of Bitstrips your not alone but if you have then you know the Bitstrips you create for your self has these display pics that you can choose from. Also Bitstrips are cartoons you can make these look like your self and dress up in crazy outfits or just like regular people.

Such as below


Anyways lately I’ve been copying my Bitstrip main photo and using it on my Facebook and now here. Not really in the mood to take new selfie pics and want to update at a later point mainly for hair growth purposes, crazy I know but haven’t really been in the photo uploading mood. So far I have two that I like.

image image

She pretty much looks like me I think. And the hair is about spot on for the moment. So these are my new selfies that I have been using. I’ll be posting more of them on my Facebook I’m sure in the coming months or weeks haha. Anyways this is just a fun random post.

Over & Out

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