Gaining A Few Pounds & Why I’m Happy


I’m still working out and using my seven app which I love. Since Xmas tho I have been at my folks so I’m not walking Diva every single day as I was. They have a back yard which she uses with their dogs. In order for me to walk her here I kinda have to take them all out or they become bitter pooches. Diva has rubber booties and my parents dogs don’t.

Also the weather has been up and down. It rained all day yesterday and then froze over night so that kinda sucks. Also I might have had a few to many calories over the holidays but I still did my workouts and honestly all my clothes still fit good so I’m not by any means complaining there.

My parents bought a treadmill I’ve used it twice. But plan to use it while I’m staying here. It’s got a ton of different levels and speeds. It’s got a place to plug into your phone or iPod and a spot for a drink to hold. Divas not sure about it but my parents other dog walks on it fine lol.

My goal weight this year is pretty much where I’m at between the mid 150’s range or even 160lbs is perfectly fine by me. Looking back being as low as 150lbs did nothing for me. To thin for my liking. But I have since introduced more things into my diet. I still do portion control but I have cut down on how often I use my workout app.

I feel great over all and still loving how my body looks. Though my tummy skin still never bounced back and so its still soft jello to a degree. Depending on how I am positioned. Standing up you can’t see it. The joys from getting fat, it’s a reminder to never go there again that’s for sure.

Over all I’m very proud of my self in losing the weight and keeping it off and staying healthy. With a few cheats here and there.

Bring on more stylish clothing and staying healthy and happy.


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