Tattoos Vers Wigs

So I’m in the middle of getting a new tattoo and I’ll be doing a separate post about it once my tattoo is completed. But I wanted to write this because now that I have all my hair and it’s getting long and growing like a weed. I’ve come to realize that when you don’t have hair and you buy wigs the amount of money they cost. I could have had a crap load of work done filling it with art.

Some wigs cost and I have thrown money out to some that cost from $60 all the way up to $650 or more. And when you buy wigs at say $250 or so and you do that a handful of times, and say you got to restyle it yourself to have to throw the odd one out and eventually grow it I all together. It’s watching money go down the drain and you have nothing to show for it. Except for maybe a photo of you in that wig style.

Given I have been buying wigs for years and the majority of them I no longer have. I could have spent that money on tattoos and have something to show literally. But of course wigs was a huge love for me and passion. But now that I have a full head of hair that’s long to me and still growing wigs are no longer a passion of mine. I do still like them but only wear them on occasion not because I have to but because I want too.

So now my new passion is getting ink. I want more of them so much more I want my whole left arm covered. I want a sleeve of tattoos of course with meaning not for he simple fact of getting ink but because each tattoo has a story.

Whats your passion and what do you wish you spent money on more over then the other?


3 thoughts on “Tattoos Vers Wigs

  1. Yes I kinda thought even after my hair grew out I’d keep wearing the wigs but honestly I don’t except for photos. They really are better for pictures, though; soo much more full and the hair keeps it’s style better. But if I have to run out of the house now without doing my hair I just pull it back as opposed to putting on a wig. I still love them though, just spending money on other things. I’m back on a purse kick so buying those again LOL

      1. Mostly used, but lately I’ve been into more reasonably-priced labels like Coach and Dooney and Bourke. There’s an online resale store called Couture USA and you can get Coach bags for crazy cheap there – often less than $100. After that parent gave me a Coach bag for Christmas I got into them again LOL

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