Who’s With Me


On getting sick of guys just wanting one thing. I’m rather sick of causal sex. I want a god damn boyfriend also I have no use for causal sex. Half the time they don’t do it that great and you can get your self off and sure some might say it’s better with someone but only if there good at what they do then I would agree other wise nah.

I’m also getting sick of online dating or as I like to call it online talking because that’s what it is. It’s only online dating if your meeting people in person. But if your never meeting people and you are just talking then all it is is that online talking.

Recently I was on one of the apps and a guy asks me ” hey do you have what’s app” my response back was “Why would I want to go from the app were on to using another app if we live in he same damn city why not just swap numbers and meet?”. I then told him to go waste someone else’s time.

I’m just sick of being someone’s fuck toy? I’m so bored of it. And yes in a way I could view it like I’m using them too but I’m just sick of that alone feeling you feel afterwards. I miss holding hands with someone. Spending quality time together. Going to the movies. Someone to cuddle with, I miss all that. And being loved by someone. I’m still on the hunt for my version of Prince Charming.

So yeah this is where my head space is at.


6 thoughts on “Who’s With Me

  1. I still say you’d have better luck getting involved in something that would introduce you to like-minded guys, like a cooking class or hiking or something. If there’s anything like that going on where you are…

    1. There’s a meetup group I am going too which is fun and I’m meeting new people there. Though haven’t met any str8 guys yet. Gay ones yes but I don’t date those types and they don’t date my type haha lol. But I plan to go to some other meetup groups is year. FYI meetup.com is a cool place to meet interesting people. I’ll have to do a blog post about it.

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