I’ve Missed You Old Navy


So for Christmas I got a few gift cards which I love getting by the way. Anyways my parents had got me a $50 card. And on the weekend I finally used it. I bought three items all in Tall, the first thing I bought is this Frost-Free Quilted Jacket I picked it up for $21.99. It retails for $59.94 when I had looked a week ago they had it in only XS or S not medium which is what I wanted. But then looking three days ago they had it in medium so of course I snatched it up. It’s fleece lined the main body but the sleeves are not lined with fleece just to point that out. It would probably be warm in like -5 or -10 but anything colder than that you may need a much thicker sweater underneath.

Moving on the photo you see above is the other two items I got. Let’s start with the pants. The pants are The Rockstar Mid-Rise Metallic Skinny Jeans in the color Pewter size 2 Omg super pretty, I got these jeans on sale for $21.99 and to get take advantage of the free shipping I had to throw something in which was the Lightweight Sweater-Knit Top in Tall in color Marin Berry for $5.99.

So The Rock Star line will be my new fave line mainly because they seem to carry size 2’s and from what their website says it’s made for all kinds of body types and shapes and looks flattering on everyone. Also those jeans the Mid-Rise Metallic Skinny Jeans have 2% stretch in them which is great. I also have my eyes on the Mid-Rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans in Bright White. Old Navy seems to always be out of size 2 in The Original line so my next best Jeans to go after is The Rockstar line.

The sweater I bought fits really well, I don’t find it to boxy as some reviews have said on the site. It is more sheer but other wise it’s a cute sweater. And the color is pretty. The jeans I’ll be able to dress up as well down and wear many different tops as well shoes with which is great. I used to have a pair of Rockstar jeans they were in a blue color and they were great except for when I lost all my weight and they ended up being to big. In fact my fat photo where I’m wearing a pink top I’m also wearing the jeans.

As pictured below


Anyways I love getting a good deal and the only thing I had to pay for was the tax. But not bad for getting three items for like $50 bucks, it pays to check on-line a few times and sometimes having to go back to the website just to see if something might come back in stock such as the coat. Nothing like getting new clothes :).

Happy Gift Card Spending


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