A New Tattoo- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5

Part 1: Jan 9th 2016

So I went and did it again, I got some more Ink done. What can I say there kinda addictive. I knew I wanted more and the timing is right as well as the money situation for me to get another one. I also wanted to get a pin-up style tattoo with flowers. I also knew I wanted my dogs name and a paw print done as well.

Though finding the right image was a little more challenging than I thought. My tattoo artist had a book with detailed art photos of pin-ups. But finding the perfect one was not in his book that really spoke to me but thanks to google I went looking and found the perfect image. Funny enough the image it self was on a website for temporary tattoos.

Here is what I first found on google


I fell in love with her right away. But of course I wanted a few things changed. My tattoo artist does way better roses so we changed those. I also wanted a rose in her hair. And my dogs name and paw print on her arm. Also the little bit of boob showing I wanted a little bit more.

As for color the rose in her hair will be red and the ones below will be of a turquoise blue color with green leaves, her hair will stay black and then probably pink lips and her body in full color.

Here he’s perfecting what I have asked to change and make better. He’s also tracing the image onto transfer paper to then apply the stencil to apply to me.





After sitting for a few hours for this session he then applies what looks like a clear protective sheet onto the tattoo which I have to leave on my skin for 24 hours and then after that I can shower let water run over top. Without scrubbing it and pat dry then let the air get to it. After that about a day I then can apply lotion that is fragrance free.

With the protective layer


Part 2: Jan 17th 2016

It’s now been about a week. Since removing the protective layer some ink did not take but it’s not a huge problem because it’s just the outline to get the basic idea down. For about a day I was a little red because I think the sticky part of the clear protective layer has some adhesive I don’t take to very well but it has since gone away.

I followed my artists instructions I left that layer on for 24 hours then removed it while I was in the shower. I let water run over it but no soap. Once I patted it dry I let the air get at it. Then the next day when I showered I did wash the area with Aveeno body wash. It’s good for dry skin and there is no fragrance in it. Then I put a thin layer of coconut oil and have used that three times a day. I’ve had very minimal shedding of skin.

I have one more week to go till I get the color put into the tattoo and some of the lines fixed up. This is by far turning out to be one of my favourite tattoos yet. Here is a photo of what my tattoo currently looks like.


I’m really excited for the color, again this is a work in progress. Also id like to just say she’s really beautiful love the face and eyes. As well the flower in her hair and my dogs name. And the roses are very pretty. I’m excited to see it completed.

Part 3: Jan 23rd 2016

So today was colouring day. I’m extremely happy with the results tho I may have to go in a few weeks for some touch ups but that’s normal with any decent size tattoo. I’m extremely satisfied with how she looks and I just love her to bits.

The photo below is before he started.

Work in progress




The photo below was taken right after my artist was done.


At home with the protective layer on the tattoo



Part 4: Jan 25th 2016

Protective layer has been removed and the tattoo has been lightly washed and now I have been moisturizing and will do so till it’s healed.


Part 5

Watch the video and some live footage enjoy


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