Hello Craigslist!

I’ve gone old school tho I’m still using Badoo a friend of mine had told me she posted a dating ad on that website. I went looking first to see what it was all about then I created an account and uploaded a dating ad. Its pretty straight forward and short and simple.

I was conversing with one fellow and we had set up a date but due to family issues it was canceled and who knows if I’ll even meet him at this point.

I have had many emails sent to me. Some emails have been super short like hey which honestly bug me. I’ve had people send me photos but not really good ones in the sense of they were side profiles so clearly could not see their face.

Also had an email by a couple lol and yet that got deleted right away. My ad clearly states dating and not causal sex it even says if you seek that to move on to the next ad.

I’ve also gotten some emails from guys stating how pretty I was and that they do not fit the description of who I seek but had to tell me. I don’t even respond back. The nice thing about going old school is that they are not notified if their emails have been read or deleted for that matter.

Which is kind of nice especially when you are going through the emails. I don’t have a ton of hope but a friend of mine is using that site and was or is seeing someone who they met. So I thought I would give it a try.

I also had to put into my ad that I was not a working girl or hooker because I guess there are a lot of trans girls on it who are. And I was asked so I needed to get it out that I was not.

Anywho that’s the latest, oh side note that guy I was hoping to meet from badoo once again he disappeared as they usually do from the apps. At this rate it’s a joke with these apps. But I also did join a new meetup group my plan is to get out there more into the real world and do more activities and meet more people and go from there. That way it’s not a huge deal and it’s more laughable with these fakes online.

The Joys


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