2016 The Year Of The Past

So far this month of Jan has been quite funny and I say this because three guys from my past has popped up in my life even for a brief moment.

The first is this guy who I met when I first moved to Ottawa sorta like with in the first few years actually all 3 guys I had met with in the first 3 years.

So the first guy I had met in a chat room on Yahoo. He was tall with dark hair muscled tattooed and when he came to fix my computer he was wearing a super man t-shirt. In my mind I was thinking hot damn. He can fix me any time. Move forward to 2005 when I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment he came over one night and we ended up messing around. We had a good friendship before any of that happened.

We also had hot steamy sex one time too. But then we ended up losing touch for about three years or longer. He then called me one year ago and I kinda told him off then I regretted it and have thought about him from time to time. And then just a few weeks ago he emailed me out of the blue.

He’s a nice guy but a full on bad boy to the T. Had gone to jail for a while hence not talking to him for a while. And now we’re talking but I really can’t see me hanging out with him anytime soon since he’s on house arrest. There is much more to the story but I don’t want to air out his dirty laundry since it’s not my story to tell. But he looks just as hot as before I will say that from the photos he’s sent my way. I am going to keep in touch with him though because we were good friends and he never caused any problems for me.

Moving on to the other two guys. Both guys were at some point fwbs of mine. The first guy was a short redheaded guy who also was a DJ of a sort. He emailed me through Craigslist and was like hey how you been but he’s still very much an idiot. And out trolling for sex with trans girls and the other guy who just emailed me this morning again from CL I had met him around the same time and I used to call him Mr Short James Dean more so because of the hair. Of course he’s still got a gf and hoping I’d want to mess with him again but of course I shot down both guys because (Been There Done That Next).

This year I want more for my self so the guys that are coming about from my past, well I left you in my past and I’m not going back. Thanks but no thanks. I told the-redhead guy he was no longer my type same wth Mr James Dean hair. I just find this funny. Like who else is going to come back into my life.

It’s never a dull moment in my life


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