Top? Bottom? Or Vers?

I’m not sure why but some guys seem to think it’s okay to ask not just the title of this post but other questions such as favourite sexual position or better yet this dreaded question “How big are you?”.

Just because I’m a transsexual does not mean I’m a sex crazed animal. Nor does it mean I don’t deserve the same respect as any other female. And I always find it laughable when they say I’m just asking out of curiosity. Really now sure okay I get it no really I do!.

Also I find it laughable when you’re talking to a guy from online and before even meeting each other they ask you. “So would you want to meet me and say I dunno sleep over we don’t have to have sex or anything?”.

Um and you say you want a relationship yeah right. As far as I’m concerned I don’t know you from a hole in the wall and yet you think I’m going to come over to your house. And we’re just going to sleep. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Sometimes being attractive has its down falls such as where men just think with their dicks and not with their brains. And they forget that even transsexuals desire the same respect as cis women.

Also why is it of importance to ask upfront weather or not someone is a Top? Botttom? Or Vers?. Unless they are after sex. Also when did the heterosexual community take over gay terms? I understand anal sex is no longer a gay thing but seriously I have a check list of things I run through my head and if people don’t check mark off some of the things then I scratch them out.

If a guy asks the main title questions, it puts a bad taste in my mouth same with asking how big my genitals are, to me it screams sexual dick head with no manners. Also asking what my favourite sexual positions are why do you need to know this right away?. Also dick pics just no. Leave something to the imagination guys and also don’t tell me your dick size it’s not going to impress me what’s so ever I honestly do not care.

Basically if you don’t ask cis women these questions then don’t ask transsexual women. Respect is key period if you want respect you have to give it period.

I still believe that any respectable guy who is looking for a relationship will leave some questions to after going on multiple dates with the person and getting to know who they are. That’s the fun part about dating. Not giving everything away before even meeting them. There should be some form of mystery and taking your time in finding out who they are. Why give everything up before even meeting face to face. It just slays me how some people can be.

It’s never a dull moment with being trans and using any form of the online platform of dating.

2 thoughts on “Top? Bottom? Or Vers?

  1. There are definitely things that need to be left alone and discovered naturally in the course of a relationship. I can’t see myself ever asking a guy how big he is. If we hit it off then I will find out eventually. Discovering what each other likes and dislikes is half the fun of having sex for the first time. I agree.. people who wanted a relationship wouldn’t ask those kinds of questions.. and better yet wouldn’t post those dreaded dick pics!

    1. Yes just now I was asked what turns me on. And we haven’t even met face to face yet. It’s like get to know my brain first and I ink we should meet before those questions are asked. It’s like people have no class anymore.

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