A Fabulous Time

So last night was pretty freaking fun. A girlfriend of mine had canceled so I got ahold of a new girlfriend and asked if she wanted to get together possibly go dancing. I wore my new black booties, my new metallic jeans, a Marilyn Monrow top my parents got me and did a funky hair style it looked like I had part of my head shaved but really it was a braid. My makeup was on point and I looked pretty good I think.

imageI did black shadow on the lid, a ton of mascara, filled in my brows with brow powder, did some gloss and blush and yea my makeup looked really good.

imageI had also asked a friend of mine if he was working at this club that I used to go to. He said he was and so that’s where we stopped first so I could go in and say hello. We had a drink there which was great and then headed to the second location.

When we drove past the second place there was a huge lineup and I asked my friend if we could go to Centretown Pub which I used to go to all time a few years back. Because the second location had a huge line I didn’t want to stand in the cold and my booties are not winter there just dressy. She didn’t have a problem with that and I also said maybe I’ll bump into a few people I know.

Well I sure bumped into people I knew. Like a crap load of them lol. People I haven’t seen in a few years to like 5 years. I honestly had an amazing time met some new people as well which was fun. And looking forward in going back to my old favourite place. Just hope it stays put because at the moment it’s up for sale. Thanks to Facebook tho I was able to reconnect with a few people.

Everyone complimented me not just on how I looked but also my tattoo. It was a great night and I didn’t get stupid ass drunk which was also nice. I remembered the night and everyone I met and chatted to so that was also a great feeling.

Over & Out


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