I Sorta Feel Like The Bachelorette Part 2

imageIn my last post I had written about dating two people at once but as it stands I’m dating one of them. The one bachelor that had taken me on that tour well he bailed on me yesterday for coffee. I won’t go into all the details but from what I get from it he’s not sure what he wants. Typically when you go on some dates with people your learning about them and getting to know them. Our second date like the guy I dated last summer I met a crap load of people. I was not fully my self and felt a tad uncomfortable and so I wasn’t touchy-feely or overly receptive to his touch.

He had told me he understood where I was coming from and was fine with it and I asked him to join me for coffee at my place so we could just have some one on one time and he then decided to tell me a bunch of mixed things. Look I’m not one for head games, board games maybe but not head games and fuck I met this person at a club a friend had introduced us heck this guy isn’t even from online.

I basically told him this

(Name: I’m a little confused, first you want to causally date, then you want to be friends, then you say, you don’t trust your self. Then you don’t want to lead me on and yet all this time I thought we were just getting to know each other. Which is it seriously? Also iMessage tells me when you have read my texts FYI lol. Anyways when you figure out what you want? please let me know?. Maybe you can figure it out before the Danish Girl stops playing in Theatres because I would like to see it with you if you can figure out what you want. Thanks so much, I’ll leave the ball in your Court.)

As it stands I haven’t heard from him and at is rate I would be very surprised. I sent that text to him last night and I looked this morning and he read it at 12am. As for the other guy there was talk as to a 3rd date tomorrow being Tuesday but we shall see if that happens. I’m crossing my fingers it happens. Also I had revamped my ad on CL and added in a few more tidbits and I added in some new photos. Don’t have much hope for CL tho. I’m still on Tinder, Badoo and Tsdating. Anywho that’s the latest in my dating life.

Over & Out


I Sorta Feel Like The Bachelorette!

imageIf you’re wondering why it’s because I’m dating two people or seeing or getting to know, I guess you could also say whatever word is better to use use it. I re joined Tinder like two weeks ago let’s say. I had my first real date off of it about a week ago. We spoke for about three days roughly before meeting last Saturday for dinner. The date went well there was lots of chemistry. He’s totally my type tall and fit in fact he’s taller than me.

The second guy I ended up meeting later that night at a club. One of my imagefriends introduced us and I gave the guy my number. He’s a little older and he is also taller than I. We went out last Monday for dinner and it was also nice. I had my second date with bachelor #1 tonight. He cooked us dinner and we watched a movie it was very good.

And I’ll be seeing bachelor #2 tomorrow for coffee. You know I’ve never dated people before, I’ve wanted too but I’ve always thrown all my eggs in one basket and went with it. What’s nice about just dating people is getting to know them. Both of them have great qualities and I’m enjoying getting to know both men. There both tall, with good looks and what’s even better is that they are both looking for the same thing as I am when it comes to relationships. I do need to go on a few more dates with both of them to see who I connect with more. But right now I’m enjoying my self and I can honestly say dating is fun.

And because I’m not committed to anyone at the moment I still have my dating ad up on Tinder and the other two sites I’m on. But what is also nice is I haven’t slept with any of them either at least not yet lol. Have to be classy after all lmao lol.

Also I think what has also happened is because I’m finally over my ex the vibe I give off is I’m free!. I think that also really helps and maybe the additud is more care free and I just want to have some fun and enjoy dating. I know I want another relationship and I would have to say I’m really excited and looking forward to my next long term relationship. I really feel that my next one will be a fun filled loving adventure filled with amazing and memorable times. I’m not sure why I feel that but I do.

But for now I’m just enjoying getting to know at the moment these two gentlemen.

Sports Bras at Victoria Secret


So today I went down to VS to look about getting a much needed new sports bra. I get all my bras from VS I just like the customer service I get from them plus I like how their bras fit me. Also because I’m signed up with them I get coupons and today I was able to get $10 off one bra as well a free hip hugger panty. The bra on the right is a maximum support bra it has underwire cups and does up from the front as well as the zipper. I’m a 34DD in that style. The pink bra on the left is a medium support bra  even though the website says its light the tag says its medium.

Because my workouts are not to crazy the maximum I thought was a bit to much for me. It would be good for like running or something but I’m not jumping up and down too much and not for very long. The only real jumping I do in my workouts is jumping jacks and high knees running in place. The rest there is no jumping. I like how the pink bra makes my boobs look to haha.

Also the medium bra was $39.99 and the maximum was I believe $60 or something. Even with the $10 coupon I already knew going into the store I was not paying a crazy amount for a sports bra. I did end up buying the bra on the left. The cool thing though when I went to pick out a free pair of hip hugger panties I ended up finding another pair to buy. But I noticed on my receipt when I left the store I got the second pair for only $3.99 instead of the $9.95 so that was pretty sweet.

Right now they are giving out secret reward cards which are basically surprise gift cards worth anywhere from $10 up to $500 between March 29th and April 27th. You can only redeem the card in Canadian stores. And even the cashiers dont know how much are on the cards. So I’m excited to go back between those days and find out what I’ll be buying next. I love Victoria Secret lol. I’ve been buying my bras there ever since 2013.

Except for the few I bought from Walmart that are cheap and don’t do anything to support my breasts and I’ll be donating as soon as I get back to my apartment.

Happy Sports Bra Shopping.


he breathes on my skin

he touches my hair

his tongue goes over me


i breath heavy

his manly smell excites me

his touch stimulates me


my blood boils

my heart skips a few beats

im excited


the thoughts that run wild

a forest of green

ocean waves

they surround me


devour me

his mouth is wet

his tongue is long


skin to skin

touch to touch

eye to eye








im excited

by his touch

i want to be devoured by thee




Lana Poulson



Who Says Dating Can’t Be Fun!

So this past Saturday I had written about my day being super busy and that I had gone on a date which was a dinner date. It was fun there was chemistry and we had met off of Tinder. But later that day I had gone to a club with some friends and had met a gentlemen there. He was also tall in fact he was taller than the first guy I had a date with. He had dark hair and was also good-looking he had bought me a drink and I had given him my number before leaving that night.

Well he texted me Sunday and we texted for a few days and then set plans for a dinner date last night. He picked me up from my parents place because I’m still here lol and we drove to Landsdowne Park and went to this really cool restaurant called Joeys they had amazing food. Great service and the conversation flowed really easily, he’s really easy to talk to.

From there he took me on a private tour of Parliament Of Canada / Parliament Hill, I got to see the East Block as well Centre Block, the West Block is closed for renovations and the Library he didn’t have keys too other wise I’m sure I could have seen that too. We went up into one of the towers where imagethe public tour is not a part of and it was extremely special. The tower we went up to we had to climb a ladder to be able to look out of the windows. Which are not your average windows as you can see here. And I also snapped a photo of the city downtown looking out of that window.


It’s such a pretty view for being way up in the tower. I was also able to go to some other areas that are not part of the public tour.

I’ll never forget this date that is for sure. It’s not everyday you go on a private tour of something as major as this. Also the architecture and stone work was amazing to see.

There is a tunnel that connects the East Block to the Centre Block which is not open to the public. I got to walk it and was able to snap a photo of me in the tunnel which you can see here. image

You can’t see but the ceiling of that tunnel is all wood work paneling and the walls are all stone. It’s very beautiful and I wish I was able to take better detailed photos.

As I said the architecture is simply gorgeous it really is a sight to be seen with your own eyes. If you ever make it to Ottawa please take the public tour because you will see what I’m talking about.

imageThe pillar you see on the left here is all carved. It’s so cool to see and the attention to detail is pretty amazing.

Also the paintings that I believe are in Centre Block of The King & Queen are painted with bright colours. I saw so much yesterday it’s hard to recall where everything was.


imageThe doors to the library and the archway is breathtaking. As you can clearly see on the left here. And remember this is at nighttime when there is no public tours. It’s very magical at night. I also have to say I’ve never gone on a tour of Parliament. Even when I would visit Ottawa before moving here I had never gone. And it’s funny because I told one of my friends we should go on a tour. And then last night I go on a private tour. And on top of that a first date. I’d like to see someone top this. I highly doubt it lol.

Also there are faces carved in the walls of The Queen and King. If you’re wondering how I got to see a personal tour it’s because he’s a Constable of Parliament Of Canada. So that is how I got this tour. My date is very sweet, a great conversationalist easy on the eyes hehe. I really enjoyed my self, oh and thank-god for being fit because it was a walking date as well because we walked all over those two buildings by no means are they small. Here is a little map of the buildings.


We started at East Block and walked all over that building and then took the tunnel path to Centre Block and pretty much walked all over that building as well at least to the areas he could take me too. Of course there are other areas that h did not have access to because of not having keys but as he said that’s what next time is for.

This was one of the most fun and amazing dates I’ve ever had like seriously ever!.

I’m looking forward to our next date.

China Glaze – Cheers To Neons – Frostbite

My mom was super sweet and picked up a 6 pc mini set for me from Nail Polish Canada. Two of the imagecolours have sorta a sparkle in them which I really like. The others are matte which are fine but when I tried to put the pale pink it streaked. So I’ll probably put a glitter polish over top to camouflage any streaking for when I go to use it again next time. I ended up removing that polish and switched to the Frostbite blue Color instead.

imageI’m really drawn to not your typical nail colours lately and have really liked looking at fun coloured nail polish. Like turquoise on my fingers instead of my toes. Of course I will always love soft pink and pastel coloured nails very girly girl nail colours. But I also really love those stand out nail colours as well.

I used a base coat then two coats of the frostbite blue and finished off with a top coat. I also like how there are nail hardeners in this nail polish. The base and top coat are from O.P.I. I did manage to paint some of my cuticles as well so if you look closer you can see but oh well it will come off with some coconut oil and water I’m not to worried about it. I always do my own nails and usually I’m pretty good about not painting my fingers too but one hand is always better than the other.

Anyways talk soon

Oh So Busy Saturday

imageSo yesterday was probably one of my busiest Saturday’s I’ve had in a while. I went to see my tattoo artist for 12:15pm for some touch up work, well more to see if it needed any touching up. I wore my cute Marilyn Monroe top my dad got me because it has cutouts and it shows off my tattoo pretty good. I also clipped in my hot pink high light. It’s just simply fun, I also wore skinny jeans because I was doing a few things yesterday besides seeing my artist.

My hair looked pretty good too before leaving the house but once the wetness of the rain and wind got to my bangs it was a different story haha. Anyways I saw him at around 12:15pm I stayed at his shop for maybe an hour or so. Then from there I went to my meetup social. Socialized there and made some new Facebook connections and drank two beers. Which were very good, it’s called Lug Tread all I know for $9 bucks and 600ml it’s tasty and it’s like drinking four beers haha.

From there my date picked me up and we went to dinner for some Chinese food. The guy I had spoken to for a few days from Tinder. Yup I rejoined Tinder a few days ago then had a date yesterday. He picked me up from the pub I was at. We went to dinner which was great and then he dropped me off at the bowling ally. Because I was going to a big bowling group. A guy that I had met a few weeks ago at the gay bar had invited me so I then invited a few of my friends and we all met up there. The guy I had a date with I really enjoyed meeting him. Also great kisser if I may say so. Will be nice to see him again and was super sweet of him to drop me off at bowling.

From there I met up with a few of the friends I had invited and then met up with the new friend as well. We played 10pin with the big balls lol. Was a good time, one of my friends bought me a few beers. The time we left the bowling ally I was feeling pleasantly well to say least. Then from there we went to a gay bar where again I had a few more drinks met some new fabulous people there and then my friend drove me back and I got in at like 3am.

So today I’d have to say I’m pooped. Beat ass tired and its funny but the older you get the less energy you have the next day when you stay awake that long. My voice this morning sounded horrible as well because of all the talking and conversing. But all in all I had a really good day and a lot of fun. I also plan on seeing the guy I had a date with again. So that’s a plus.

Anyways talk soon (yawn)

I Eat Whatever I Want

imageSo after my workout today I thought I would do a before and after weight comparison and then of course throw it up on my Instagram account. Since joining and posting another side by side photo I have had some fitness people start following me which is kinda cool. I’m very proud of myself for getting to where I have gotten with my weight loss and fitness.

That being said I’m pretty much around the 158lbs range and quite happy. Though I’ll be honest I’m eating whatever the hell I want. Of course with in reason and not pigging out on crap. But I also don’t deprive my self from anything. Not anymore. If I want a glass of wine or two I drink them. If I want something sweet I eat it.

I’ve been able to stick to my two days a week of my workout app. Monday’s and Friday’s I use the app imageother wise its normal stuff like walking and that sort of thing. I feel good about what I have accomplished over the last few years. I’m still not smoking (I’ll take my bow now lol) it will be 3 years this coming August. Though I have to say the loose skin on my tummy has yet to bounce back. I know it doesn’t look like I have any but trust me it’s there and it’s the the last thing I dislike but whatever with clothing on its fine and who ever I get with will understand. I’m not worried about it.

And my butt is cute it’s there it’s just not as bootylicious as it once was but that’s also okay. Anyways this will probably be the last post for a while. Just wanted to write this up. Also I have a new category titled Fitness and the category Weight loss is now gone. Made more sense to have a more fitting one now that I’m into working out and not about losing weight.

Also I don’t believe those fad diets work let alone those crazy programs. At the end of the day it’s setting a goal for your self a realistic one and staying on it. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again when I started at 238lbs it was about just losing 5lbs and then it went from there. It did not happen over night. But I did cut out a lot of crap at first. Portion control all food which I still do. And regular exercise. Yes I did do it to the extreme 7 days a week which was a tad much and learned that you need to consume more calories than you burn other wise you will lose too much weight. As I did for that short bit of time. But now I’m good and have learned some stuff and know what works for me.

Anyways that’s it for now. I feel amazing and talk soon

Take Care


Lana’s Decadent Banana Muffens


1/2 cup 100% virgin coconut oil cold pressed
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup Hershey’s chipits Pure semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup crushed pecans
1 cup Organic Shredded coconut unsweetened
2 bananas, sliced or mashed with a fork. Side tip you can use frozen just de thaw them. And if you have fresh you can microwave to get them to soften up.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a large bowl, stir together all the dry ingredients first.

Take your cold pressed coconut oil and put into 1/2 half cup measuring cup then take hot water using a separate small dish to warm the oil,

Crush up your pecans, chocolate chips, it’s fine if you get bigger chunks. As well shredded coconut. Mix wet into dry. Then fold in bananas, pecans and chocolate chips and shredded coconut.

Taking non stick Muffen trays fill them with paper cups, fill each one but leave some room for them to rise. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 30:00 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the muffens comes out clean. Cool in the trays for 10 minutes before removing to a wire rack to cool completely. Enjoy



A Woman’s Secret

First let me say that when I got this wig it had very strange shorter layers in it. I’m thinking maybe someone tried to thin it out. Anyways I wore it out like once in public. But I’ve been waiting to make it into a top piece for a while. I watched a video on YouTube on how to do just that and so my video is mainly what I’ve done.