Bright White Delight

imageSo I’m in love again I’ve been waiting so long and bam what do you know I found the perfect white Jean jacket and jeans. Old Navy has come out with the cutest cropped bright white jean jacket and better yet it also comes in tall. As well distressed skinny jeans also in bright white in tall and in my size 2.

I had a cropped jean jacket years ago that I had bought at Stitches clothing store but then got rid of it when I got fat. I should have kept it but oh well this new one will be even better because it’s bright white and will go with a ton of spring and summer clothing.

I have a bunch of summer dresses as well some fun shorts that now I can dress up and make a little more classy. I don’t wear a bra with some of the summer dresses I have and so now I’ll have a little more coverage if I need it.

imageThe distressed skinny jeans are from the Rockstar line and since seeing them on the site earlier in the month I’ve been wanting to get them. Also white is huge right now wearing white in the winter months. So if I wanted too I could wear them but say with a tight underneath. In a darker color which I have. I haven’t owned any white jeans since I lost all my weight. But these skinny jeans I can pair with a ton of different tops I own. Nothing speaks more to me then white it’s very I dunno luxe in my opinion.

Plus any type of top or shoe stands out. I have also some great summer shoes I can rock now as well bright tops and fun jewelry. I also want to mention both pieces are on sale right now. The Jean jacket is $25.50 and the jeans are $26.00. So if your loving them as much as I am I say go get them while you still can.

Also just to point out the jeans come in regular tall and petite and jacket comes in regular tall and petite. So if you are of normal height or short you can get yours as we’ll being my height tall.

Happy Shopping


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