The Category Relationships Has Been Permanently Removed

IMG_0581If you’re wondering where the relationship category has gone to, I have permanently removed it from my blog and some posts have been moved over to the dating category and the remains has been forever deleted. I figure for 2016 and going forward to not write about relationships I’m in. If I’m just dating and what not I will of course write about that but once I’m settled into a relationship my plan is to keep it off of the web.

I think it’s importent to share your thoughts and feelings when it comes to dating and even views on relationships but as far as when you have problems while dating the person I think those need to be discussed with your partner and not put out for everyone to read such as on blogs or Facebook or any social platform.

Last year when I was having relationship problems I aired all my dirty laundry on my blog. The guy I dated at that time was reading it all and it was just a shit show of crap. There are ways to share your thoughts without having the world get in on it. I think writing poetry is a good source to let how you feel out without giving too much a way.

And if need be write out your feelings and then delete them after or write them on paper and burn them. Sometimes you just have to write it out to get it out and then you will feel better afterwards. But to write it out and post for the world to see I don’t think is the smartest thing to do. And somethings really should be more private. I’ve written a lot over the years that I have posted and heck sometimes I forget what’s in my blog because I don’t typically go back to re read things.

Anywho so if you wonder where the relationship section has gone to now you know. And everything will now be in the Dating Category.

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