Dexflex Comfort Woman’s Ramona Bootie

I can always count on Payless for cute foot wear and they are finally coming out with cute styles for us girls with big old feet lmao. I don’t have any basic black booties. I have red leather boots though cute I wear with some things. I also have my kitten suede black boots but the calfs need to be taken in a lot. I also have brown like riding boots but again not hit black that’s a little dressy.

I got an email from Payless saying they had a BoGo sale going on and they had booties so I went to the store and saw a few cute pairs including the ones I bought. They only had one pair like these in the size 12. Now typically it can be hard to find cute booties in a 12 that don’t completely squish your toes when ever there is a heel. And also be comfortable such as footbed. Well these booties have all that.


These gems have a side zip, they have a cute cut out on the side. These are not leather or suede but they are a little more dressy. They have a almond-shaped toe which is great for anyone with a larger foot because it makes it look smaller. They come in black and grey on the website, And the website says it has a 3 1/2″ wrapped heel. But honestly it feels and looks like a 2″ heel. Even the sales girl said it was a 2″ so not sure what’s up with that but I bought them.

I can see getting a ton of use out of them and pairing them with a ton of different types of jeans and even some dresses.

Edit: Went out Saturday night Jan 30th 2016 wearing these booties. They were comfortable to wear. They looked amazing with my metallic jeans and I also got compliments on them as well.


Happy Shoe Shopping


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