Nature’s Bounty Biotin 1000mcg

imageSo I had a 10% discount coupon to use at which is an online drug store. To take advantage of their free shipping which is anything over $29 I decided to get my self the value bottle of Biotine as well as Velcro rollers and a new eyeshadow palette in neutrals of brown.

Anywho I thought I would give Biotine a go and see if I get any benefits out of it for my hair. I had used shampoo that had biotin in it which had made my hair thicker before so I’m hoping it gives me some form of hair growth or thickening or something and I know it can be good for your nails as well.

The value bottle I got has 200 pills in it instead of the 100. I’ll most likely do a follow-up review on them when I’m done. I started them today. To bad dogs can’t take them because poor divas fur is just wilting with yesterday and today I could have made a small dog a coat out of her fur. We have had some really warm temps and she’s just blowing her fur. Gonna have to call her soon Miss Baldy lol. Thankyou for sweaters and dog tshirts seriously.

Anyways has anyone taken biotin before and if so how did it work for you? Leave a comment below.


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