Ditching The Blow Dryer

imageSo I haven’t used a blow dryer on my hair since early December which was the 8th. I’ve been doing the air drying method the less damage I can do with it the better, also since using the strictly curls shampoo and conditioner and then using the finishing lotion to enhance my curl/waves I think it has really helped.

I am interested to see how the diffuser would be on my curl now that I learned a new way to use it. But I’m really enjoying not using heat on it. And I find my hair is drying pretty quickly which is a good thing.

I also haven’t been use the hot curl brush on it much either. I’ve just been letting it go natural and once days where it’s bothering me I just clip it up. I haven’t put it into a pony tail either just a clip. I have also been experimenting with braiding it like aide braids and stuff. I’m finding that I’m googling different hair looks for short hair and even ways to wear my hair as my roots grow out. Yup I have not done my roots in well over almost two months now. I’m due for sure but I’m going to see how long I can not do them for and till it bugs me. Or I succumb to buying a box of dye lol.

I’m also interested in getting a few pink clip-ins just to add some color. My problem is I get bored lol I even went ahead and chopped up one of my wigs to make a hair piece but I wasn’t fully in the mood to sew clips to it so now it’s just sitting in a bag to get reworked lol.

Anywho I got off topic so yea I’m enjoying not having to blow dry my hair and add extra damage to it. Sorta just giving my hair a much-needed break and in a way I’m babying my hair. I’m still doing weekly coconut oil treatments in my hair as well. And I also want to say when I use the strictly curls combo with the finishing lotion my hair is so freaking soft.

So yeah what’s your thoughts on blow drying do you air dry or blow dry?


One thought on “Ditching The Blow Dryer

  1. I’m OK with it – I have a good hairdryer so it dries my hair quickly. I let it mostly dry then use a round brush to give it some volume with the dryer right before I go to bed. But on occasion I’ll just let it air dry too.

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