My Dating Experince So Far With Craigslist



Since posting my ad on that site almost three weeks ago I have had maybe about 20 emails from people. I had one from a couple that really didn’t surprise me much. As well multi emails from guys just wanting sex. Two from canceled people canceled as in was to have a date but both had to cancel.

Last week I had my first meet and greet. A fellow that is a family man has two kids from a past relationship, we met for coffee he told me don’t bother with wearing makeup or getting dolled up its just a relaxing get together. So of course I threw on a face of makeup nothing over the top but very natural nonetheless a girls got to look good. But I wore jeans and dressed warm. Turns out he doesn’t drink coffee but anywho we drove and went through drive through at Starbucks I ordered a cafe mocha its hot chocolate and coffee combined mmm so tasty.

We went to a park and just sat and talked in his truck and it was very chill. But before meeting he did tell me he’s not looking for anything serious right now but enjoyed talking to me and would it be okay if we were just friends I said sure not a problem. That was the first face to face meeting and it’s good to have new friends.


Yesterday I had my first meet and greet not even a date but a meet and greet with a new person so in total my second person from CL.

This was his first email to me which I have edited out the name number and area. (Hi, I saw you ad from a couple of weeks ago on cl. I’ve been single for a while a slowly getting back to the dating scene. I’m 6′ athletic and played sports for most of my life. I even had to stay fit for my work. I live in area. I’d be into a drink or coffee, if you’re ever interested. 613-555-5555
(I like your tattoos!)

He sent me three photos of him self as well. I sent him a response just saying that I sent him a text and then we went from there. We texted for about day as well yesterday and then spoke over the phone. He told me a bunch of stuff some stuff was a little TMI. I have learned that it’s good not to share too much about your self as in your life story to people and to leave somethings to later on down the road. I think it’s good to share things about your self. But somethings people don’t need to know right off the bat.

He asked if I would be interested in getting together for coffee. I said sure and we made plans and picked a spot. I got ready did a great makeup job put on a cute top and out the door I went. We met up and he was a good-looking guy. Tall as he said and we ended up having a glass of wine, the place we went to was a pub. The conversation started pretty tame and then it went down hill from there.

First it was tattoo talk. Talked about my tattoos and then he spoke about what he wanted to get and the reason behind it. And then it just became a therapy session for him and I was the lucky one to hear about everything. I must have it painted on my forehead or something like please I wanna hear about your life story and everything “I care” “Please share”, he spoke about how he’s paid for sex 4 times. He has an attention addiction or something. He was married for 7 years and cheated on her. There is way more to the conversation but I won’t add it all here. Needless to say his version of athletic and mine are two very different things. Basically from his arms to above his neck meaning his face he was cute and looked fit lol from the neck down it was a totally different story.

He did nothing for me like what so ever. But it wasn’t just his gut that put me off it was everything else he was telling me. I get it that people have a past sure who doesn’t. And nobody is perfect I also get that but seriously diarrhea of the mouth is not cute. I should have re read his ad because it clearly says that “He even had to stay fit for his job” had as in past tense not currently. Maybe I have a muscle fetish or something but I do love men with muscles tho my dating ad does say and this is my ad

(Outgoing, fun to be with transsexual female. I’m tall, fit and take care of my self, I don’t smoke or do drugs and I’m on here looking to date, I enjoy good food as well conversation. I am not a working girl or a hooker so if your just out for sex consider contacting one of them. I love tall men at least 6’0 who are physically fit physic, muscled preferred between the ages of 25-45 who are easy on the eyes and can carry a conversation. No smokers! Must have face photos to send. Manners is huge with me so please make sure you have some. Also don’t tell me about your dick size it’s not going to impress me. Also looking for someone who is looking to date and open to LTR if things work out. Not looking for casual sex or bs or idiots thanks a bunch.)

I think I should also include not looking to be your therapist please refrain from telling me your life story but if you feel the need to my hourly wage is $50 lol. This is not the first time people seem to want to open up way to much with me.

Moving on before he paid for the bill. He’s like I could drive you home if you want. The pub is like with in walking distance from my parents place, I declined and said I’ll walk home but thanks anyways. But I also told him that honestly physically he wasn’t my type and I do like guys with more muscles. I workout and take care of my body and I want someone who does the same but I also don’t want someone who’s a douch bag and this guy was deff on the top part of that list. Besides online dating you see with your eyes however with CL you read with your eyes and then you have to ask for photos. Because they are the ones responding to your ad they don’t even need to have an ad to respond to yours. And yes I understand it’s not all about looks but if you sexually don’t turn me on sorry but it’s just not gonna happen you can be the nicest guy out there and be super sweet but if there is no sexual chemistry than were probably not gonna work out.

Anyways honestly when we spoke over the phone and it was sorta diarrhea of the mouth on the phone that should have been the first sign. But I thought maybe if we met it might go a different way. Sadly it just got worse. So no I will not be contacting or texting that guy again and I sure hope he doesn’t bother with me.

Oh side note he told me he used CL when he was married to find the people to cheat with so of course that made me all warm and fuzzy inside “NOT”.

So that has been my experience thus far using CL. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay on it for after this but we shall see. Over & Out

Edit: Update Feb 16th 2016

Mr I spill to much. Did contact me again through CL and asked if I’d want to go out again, we emailed each other a few times before him giving me his number again. Anywho he told me yesterday he has a date with a chick so I gave him some advice to not repeat what he told me to her. I basiclly told him that I felt like it was a therapy session and to not give everything away so quickly, having diarrhea of the mouth is not cute.

I also said that I used to be like that, share your life story in one sitting. I always wondered why people didn’t want a second date with me and till someone told me how about you not share everything right away. Leave something for later on. I think it’s fine to share somethings about you but also leave some things out.

He thanked me for being so honest with him and that it has been a long time since he had dated anyone. I figure we can be friends.

Over & Out


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