Pink Hair, Don’t Care


Okay so I’ve been secretly in love with girls who have blonde hair and pink high lights. I think it’s a fun trend that was happening last year and let’s face it pastel hair colors are just all around fun. And since I have grown out my hair, I have been having fun with hair pieces. Claw clip pony tails and all that fun stuff. Last year I had bought a set of clip-in hair extensions sadly they did not match my hair perfectly and I have been thinking about dying them the color of my hair or getting some fun colored dye. But because my patience level is next to null, I went looking for something fun online the past few days.

I went to Bellami because I know they have these fun clip-on and wrap pony tails. But I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Then I went to Amazon and Aliexpress but didn’t want to wait a month. imageSo then I went looking over to Sally’s Beauty Supply Store and noticed they had a two piece bright pink clip-in extensions which are 100% human hair they are also 14inch long and are currently on sale. So I did what anyone would do I bought two packs.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the bright pink clip-in bang that I really wanted. So I thought I’d buy two packs and then take one of the pieces and trim it down to pop into my bangs.

Now I’ll either leave the other three pieces length alone or I’ll trim them to suit my hair length now, or I’ll leave them for when my hair gets to the same length as the extensions. I’m not 100% sure at the moment but for now I’m loving the pop of pink in my bangs.

I just wanted something fun. And the best part about these is that there is no commitment unlike when you go and dye your hair pink and have to strip all the color out then have it wash out in a few washes. Also I’d like to point out I did trim one piece down to the length I wanted it. I then washed and conditioned it with purple shampoo and conditioner. Zero color came out of it FYI. These extensions are called Design Lengths Snap It 2 Piece Clip-In 14 Inch Human Hair Extensions Pink. They also had other colors such as Red, Purple & Blue. I just loved the pink.

They also had a bundle like one on going track where you can sew the clips onto it separately if you wanted one big extension piece. But I like the smaller pieces because then you can add in where you want it and go from there plus it was cheaper for me to do it this way. Now I can change up my bangs or hair when ever I want and not worry about major upkeep.

Do you like the pastel bright colored hair trend ? And would you rock some bright colored highlights or clip-ins? Share your thoughts below.


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