Is It Safe To Say I’M In The Clear?


I noticed I haven’t written anything in months relating to TTM so I thought I’d write something. Things have been going well. I’ve had major stress moments but no hair pulling thankfully. I’ve gone from having dark brown hair to blonde hair. Again no TTM in sight yay. Also with having lighter hair the little bit of thinning is less noticeable. I part my hair on the other side now and have started taking biotin besides doing my coconut oil scalp massages once a week. Though I just started with the biotin so I need to wait a bit and see if that helps at all.

Other than that I don’t want to toot my own horn but I think I might be in the clear for a while and TTM hasn’t shown its ugly face which I am so thankful for. But my goal has always been to get my hair long again and to grow it much longer then I ever have before. So far so good.

Pulling it is no longer an option

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Say I’M In The Clear?

  1. Congrats! Me tooooo!!!! So refreshing to hear I am not alone in thinking I have this beat! I pulled for over 25 years. I’ve been able to stop for a while in the past, but this time feels completely different. What do you think helped you?

    1. Congrats, I would have to say no longer shaving my head. I used to shave it for fear of pulling hair out. I thought If I shaved my head then I couldn’t pull. My goal has always been to have long beautiful hair. But then life stress would get in the way and I would pull probably as a coping mechanism. But truth be told shaving my head was not over coming the urg. It was a small solution but was not really doing anything. And tho I love wigs they are most hot in the summer months.

      What I do now if I feel the urg to even just play with my hair is to wear a tuban you can buy them at Sally’s for spa. Or I clip up all my hair so it’s off my neck and face. I ah e gone through some pretty high stressful situations and I’m sure the old me would rip out my hair. But the new me is more in control. If I can lose like 75lbs and quit smoking for almost 3 years then I can also over come Trich. Don’t get me wrong though I did have a few step backs. But not feeling ashamed is the most Important thing. Thanks for reading 🙂

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