Don’t Be His Side Chick Barbie!

I finally cut this off. Nothing is worse than knowing that you mean pretty much nothing to the person when they don’t speak to you but only when it’s convenient for them.

imageI have written about this guy a few times but this is my last post. I had gone to his house last weekend for a few hours. We ended up making out and what not and his gf was not there she had gone out with friends or some such. Personally I think he wants a side chick tranny. Sorry to anyone who gets offended by that word but it is what it is. And honestly that’s what I said to him this morning. I sent him a text on Friday asking him “So how was your week?” Because I didn’t hear from him since I left his place last Saturday, No response.

And till this morning. I get a text

Him: “Xoxo”

Me: “Hello Mr Random, What’s up with you?” “You gonna talk to me now?”

Him: “I’m just relaxing at home”.

Me: “So I don’t get you. You talk to me when it’s convenient for you. It seems. I texted you Friday asking how your week went. Obviously your still very much into your gf. So like what are you doing seriously ?”

“? Come on speak up”

“If we’re suppose to be friends then you could respond to my texts. But we’re not friends and I’m just side chick tranny for you. Which I’m done being! By the way get some balls because as far as I’m concerned you have non. Cya”

He told me the last time I was there that he cared for me and blah blah blah. That he was gonna end things with her and to give him some time. Bitch please we all know how that crap works out. I’m so done with guys like that. I’d rather stay single and alone then to deal with idiots like him. He never added me to FB for fear of her finding out about me so obviously he wants his secret cake and to eat it too. Well no more hunnie this girl wants non of that.

I’m no side chick Barbie I’m the appetizer entrée and dessert I’m not some side chick that you can use and then contact when ever your feeling lonely. Get some one else. Done and done.


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