I haven’t had many Ex’s in fact I can pretty much count how many boyfriends I have had and it’s under 10. Most have been short-term but I have had like two long-term relationships, I’m talking over a year. Moving on the first guy I dated for more than a year it ended not that great but fast forward a handful of years and we’re friends on Facebook. We spoke about going for coffee one of these days.

The second ex of mine we broke up April of 2015. He helped me move into my apartment and can be seen in my first apartment tour video on YouTube. As well in a few blog posts on my blog here. Anyways we became friends after breaking up, it was hard and difficult and we have hung out a few times. Before I go further one of his closest friends had punked him off after getting back with her ex. She ignored him and he hated it. But since him getting a new gf he’s basically punked me off as well and I’m the one always reaching out to him saying hello or whatever.

We went to the movies in Jan as friends but I don’t think I should be the one always reaching out. Sadly I find my self doing just that to people in general. It bugs the crap out of me!. Also Jan 20th is the last time we spoke. Anyways I think it’s possible to be friends with an ex. But as I recently sent him a text saying he hated how his friend punked him off and that its funny how the cards play out. Meaning he’s done exactly that to me.

I think it’s time I close that chapter altogether. I know for a full fact he’s not that busy that he can’t say hi after all isn’t texting supposed to be quick and easy. It’s not like he’s not getting my texts. We agreed we would always be friends from the get go but obviously that’s not the case anymore. And you know what that’s totally fine with me.

Sometimes you just have to move on


7 thoughts on “Ex’s

    1. Nah I’m over it. Like totally went through my saved photos and deleted them same with the lovey blog posts. Gone cya. I’m done. Time to finally move the fuck on. I have a diamond ring I rarely wear that’s enough for this girl.

  1. Jenn (we share the same name, how awesome), I certainly understand what you are going through. I am also friends with an ex that I was with for over a year and it’s been interesting, to say the least. We’ve both since been in other relationships/dating situations on and off, but we’re now both currently single. We agreed to being friends after breaking it off over 2 years ago (which took some time), but it does sometimes seems a little one sided like your situation. A few times I have decided that, “hey, I’m not going to put X amount of effort into connecting with him for this month or X amount of time” and he usually then becomes more responsive in initiating communication. I don’t know. Guys are weird like that. I wouldn’t put too much more effort into it. One sided situations aren’t fun and sometimes moving on is what’s best for your heart. Best of luck to you, Jenn!

    1. Thanks Hun, funny thing is when we broke up the first time he would text me every single damn day. We then got back together after a two month split then broke up for the second and final time in April I called it off both times. He did help me move which was nice but then he started to date someone new and speaking became less and less and it was me always reaching out to him. The last time we spoke and hung out was Jan 20th.

      I’m done reaching out. I’m glad I was able to help him get out of his shy shell but I’m over it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Agree. Walk away. I myself have never managed to be friends with an ex- I think it can work but only if both people are committed. I’m always the one to reach out too and always the one to be stepped on. When will we learn?

    1. Funny since telling him he hasn’t responds tho I’m not surprised nor care at this rate. O I wonder what I should do with the diamond promise ring he gave me do I keep it cause it’s pretty or sell it lol

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