Oh So Busy Saturday

imageSo yesterday was probably one of my busiest Saturday’s I’ve had in a while. I went to see my tattoo artist for 12:15pm for some touch up work, well more to see if it needed any touching up. I wore my cute Marilyn Monroe top my dad got me because it has cutouts and it shows off my tattoo pretty good. I also clipped in my hot pink high light. It’s just simply fun, I also wore skinny jeans because I was doing a few things yesterday besides seeing my artist.

My hair looked pretty good too before leaving the house but once the wetness of the rain and wind got to my bangs it was a different story haha. Anyways I saw him at around 12:15pm I stayed at his shop for maybe an hour or so. Then from there I went to my meetup social. Socialized there and made some new Facebook connections and drank two beers. Which were very good, it’s called Lug Tread all I know for $9 bucks and 600ml it’s tasty and it’s like drinking four beers haha.

From there my date picked me up and we went to dinner for some Chinese food. The guy I had spoken to for a few days from Tinder. Yup I rejoined Tinder a few days ago then had a date yesterday. He picked me up from the pub I was at. We went to dinner which was great and then he dropped me off at the bowling ally. Because I was going to a big bowling group. A guy that I had met a few weeks ago at the gay bar had invited me so I then invited a few of my friends and we all met up there. The guy I had a date with I really enjoyed meeting him. Also great kisser if I may say so. Will be nice to see him again and was super sweet of him to drop me off at bowling.

From there I met up with a few of the friends I had invited and then met up with the new friend as well. We played 10pin with the big balls lol. Was a good time, one of my friends bought me a few beers. The time we left the bowling ally I was feeling pleasantly well to say least. Then from there we went to a gay bar where again I had a few more drinks met some new fabulous people there and then my friend drove me back and I got in at like 3am.

So today I’d have to say I’m pooped. Beat ass tired and its funny but the older you get the less energy you have the next day when you stay awake that long. My voice this morning sounded horrible as well because of all the talking and conversing. But all in all I had a really good day and a lot of fun. I also plan on seeing the guy I had a date with again. So that’s a plus.

Anyways talk soon (yawn)


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