China Glaze – Cheers To Neons – Frostbite

My mom was super sweet and picked up a 6 pc mini set for me from Nail Polish Canada. Two of the imagecolours have sorta a sparkle in them which I really like. The others are matte which are fine but when I tried to put the pale pink it streaked. So I’ll probably put a glitter polish over top to camouflage any streaking for when I go to use it again next time. I ended up removing that polish and switched to the Frostbite blue Color instead.

imageI’m really drawn to not your typical nail colours lately and have really liked looking at fun coloured nail polish. Like turquoise on my fingers instead of my toes. Of course I will always love soft pink and pastel coloured nails very girly girl nail colours. But I also really love those stand out nail colours as well.

I used a base coat then two coats of the frostbite blue and finished off with a top coat. I also like how there are nail hardeners in this nail polish. The base and top coat are from O.P.I. I did manage to paint some of my cuticles as well so if you look closer you can see but oh well it will come off with some coconut oil and water I’m not to worried about it. I always do my own nails and usually I’m pretty good about not painting my fingers too but one hand is always better than the other.

Anyways talk soon


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