Who Says Dating Can’t Be Fun!

So this past Saturday I had written about my day being super busy and that I had gone on a date which was a dinner date. It was fun there was chemistry and we had met off of Tinder. But later that day I had gone to a club with some friends and had met a gentlemen there. He was also tall in fact he was taller than the first guy I had a date with. He had dark hair and was also good-looking he had bought me a drink and I had given him my number before leaving that night.

Well he texted me Sunday and we texted for a few days and then set plans for a dinner date last night. He picked me up from my parents place because I’m still here lol and we drove to Landsdowne Park and went to this really cool restaurant called Joeys they had amazing food. Great service and the conversation flowed really easily, he’s really easy to talk to.

From there he took me on a private tour of Parliament Of Canada / Parliament Hill, I got to see the East Block as well Centre Block, the West Block is closed for renovations and the Library he didn’t have keys too other wise I’m sure I could have seen that too. We went up into one of the towers where imagethe public tour is not a part of and it was extremely special. The tower we went up to we had to climb a ladder to be able to look out of the windows. Which are not your average windows as you can see here. And I also snapped a photo of the city downtown looking out of that window.


It’s such a pretty view for being way up in the tower. I was also able to go to some other areas that are not part of the public tour.

I’ll never forget this date that is for sure. It’s not everyday you go on a private tour of something as major as this. Also the architecture and stone work was amazing to see.

There is a tunnel that connects the East Block to the Centre Block which is not open to the public. I got to walk it and was able to snap a photo of me in the tunnel which you can see here. image

You can’t see but the ceiling of that tunnel is all wood work paneling and the walls are all stone. It’s very beautiful and I wish I was able to take better detailed photos.

As I said the architecture is simply gorgeous it really is a sight to be seen with your own eyes. If you ever make it to Ottawa please take the public tour because you will see what I’m talking about.

imageThe pillar you see on the left here is all carved. It’s so cool to see and the attention to detail is pretty amazing.

Also the paintings that I believe are in Centre Block of The King & Queen are painted with bright colours. I saw so much yesterday it’s hard to recall where everything was.


imageThe doors to the library and the archway is breathtaking. As you can clearly see on the left here. And remember this is at nighttime when there is no public tours. It’s very magical at night. I also have to say I’ve never gone on a tour of Parliament. Even when I would visit Ottawa before moving here I had never gone. And it’s funny because I told one of my friends we should go on a tour. And then last night I go on a private tour. And on top of that a first date. I’d like to see someone top this. I highly doubt it lol.

Also there are faces carved in the walls of The Queen and King. If you’re wondering how I got to see a personal tour it’s because he’s a Constable of Parliament Of Canada. So that is how I got this tour. My date is very sweet, a great conversationalist easy on the eyes hehe. I really enjoyed my self, oh and thank-god for being fit because it was a walking date as well because we walked all over those two buildings by no means are they small. Here is a little map of the buildings.


We started at East Block and walked all over that building and then took the tunnel path to Centre Block and pretty much walked all over that building as well at least to the areas he could take me too. Of course there are other areas that h did not have access to because of not having keys but as he said that’s what next time is for.

This was one of the most fun and amazing dates I’ve ever had like seriously ever!.

I’m looking forward to our next date.


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