Sports Bras at Victoria Secret


So today I went down to VS to look about getting a much needed new sports bra. I get all my bras from VS I just like the customer service I get from them plus I like how their bras fit me. Also because I’m signed up with them I get coupons and today I was able to get $10 off one bra as well a free hip hugger panty. The bra on the right is a maximum support bra it has underwire cups and does up from the front as well as the zipper. I’m a 34DD in that style. The pink bra on the left is a medium support bra  even though the website says its light the tag says its medium.

Because my workouts are not to crazy the maximum I thought was a bit to much for me. It would be good for like running or something but I’m not jumping up and down too much and not for very long. The only real jumping I do in my workouts is jumping jacks and high knees running in place. The rest there is no jumping. I like how the pink bra makes my boobs look to haha.

Also the medium bra was $39.99 and the maximum was I believe $60 or something. Even with the $10 coupon I already knew going into the store I was not paying a crazy amount for a sports bra. I did end up buying the bra on the left. The cool thing though when I went to pick out a free pair of hip hugger panties I ended up finding another pair to buy. But I noticed on my receipt when I left the store I got the second pair for only $3.99 instead of the $9.95 so that was pretty sweet.

Right now they are giving out secret reward cards which are basically surprise gift cards worth anywhere from $10 up to $500 between March 29th and April 27th. You can only redeem the card in Canadian stores. And even the cashiers dont know how much are on the cards. So I’m excited to go back between those days and find out what I’ll be buying next. I love Victoria Secret lol. I’ve been buying my bras there ever since 2013.

Except for the few I bought from Walmart that are cheap and don’t do anything to support my breasts and I’ll be donating as soon as I get back to my apartment.

Happy Sports Bra Shopping.


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