I Sorta Feel Like The Bachelorette!

imageIf you’re wondering why it’s because I’m dating two people or seeing or getting to know, I guess you could also say whatever word is better to use use it. I re joined Tinder like two weeks ago let’s say. I had my first real date off of it about a week ago. We spoke for about three days roughly before meeting last Saturday for dinner. The date went well there was lots of chemistry. He’s totally my type tall and fit in fact he’s taller than me.

The second guy I ended up meeting later that night at a club. One of my imagefriends introduced us and I gave the guy my number. He’s a little older and he is also taller than I. We went out last Monday for dinner and it was also nice. I had my second date with bachelor #1 tonight. He cooked us dinner and we watched a movie it was very good.

And I’ll be seeing bachelor #2 tomorrow for coffee. You know I’ve never dated people before, I’ve wanted too but I’ve always thrown all my eggs in one basket and went with it. What’s nice about just dating people is getting to know them. Both of them have great qualities and I’m enjoying getting to know both men. There both tall, with good looks and what’s even better is that they are both looking for the same thing as I am when it comes to relationships. I do need to go on a few more dates with both of them to see who I connect with more. But right now I’m enjoying my self and I can honestly say dating is fun.

And because I’m not committed to anyone at the moment I still have my dating ad up on Tinder and the other two sites I’m on. But what is also nice is I haven’t slept with any of them either at least not yet lol. Have to be classy after all lmao lol.

Also I think what has also happened is because I’m finally over my ex the vibe I give off is I’m free!. I think that also really helps and maybe the additud is more care free and I just want to have some fun and enjoy dating. I know I want another relationship and I would have to say I’m really excited and looking forward to my next long term relationship. I really feel that my next one will be a fun filled loving adventure filled with amazing and memorable times. I’m not sure why I feel that but I do.

But for now I’m just enjoying getting to know at the moment these two gentlemen.


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