I Sorta Feel Like The Bachelorette Part 2

imageIn my last post I had written about dating two people at once but as it stands I’m dating one of them. The one bachelor that had taken me on that tour well he bailed on me yesterday for coffee. I won’t go into all the details but from what I get from it he’s not sure what he wants. Typically when you go on some dates with people your learning about them and getting to know them. Our second date like the guy I dated last summer I met a crap load of people. I was not fully my self and felt a tad uncomfortable and so I wasn’t touchy-feely or overly receptive to his touch.

He had told me he understood where I was coming from and was fine with it and I asked him to join me for coffee at my place so we could just have some one on one time and he then decided to tell me a bunch of mixed things. Look I’m not one for head games, board games maybe but not head games and fuck I met this person at a club a friend had introduced us heck this guy isn’t even from online.

I basically told him this

(Name: I’m a little confused, first you want to causally date, then you want to be friends, then you say, you don’t trust your self. Then you don’t want to lead me on and yet all this time I thought we were just getting to know each other. Which is it seriously? Also iMessage tells me when you have read my texts FYI lol. Anyways when you figure out what you want? please let me know?. Maybe you can figure it out before the Danish Girl stops playing in Theatres because I would like to see it with you if you can figure out what you want. Thanks so much, I’ll leave the ball in your Court.)

As it stands I haven’t heard from him and at is rate I would be very surprised. I sent that text to him last night and I looked this morning and he read it at 12am. As for the other guy there was talk as to a 3rd date tomorrow being Tuesday but we shall see if that happens. I’m crossing my fingers it happens. Also I had revamped my ad on CL and added in a few more tidbits and I added in some new photos. Don’t have much hope for CL tho. I’m still on Tinder, Badoo and Tsdating. Anywho that’s the latest in my dating life.

Over & Out


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