Life Update For March 2nd 2016


Every now and then I write a life update to cover a few things all in one post and the last one I wrote was back in October of 2015. I thought it would be good to write a new one. So since the last update the rest of October was okay but on the 31st Halloween. I had to call the cops because of someone trying to open my front door ( turning the door handle, it was locked and my chain lock was also on) and being awoken from it and then me telling them to go away at 12:30am that freaked me the fuck out, and again I tried to get a transfer. But again I was declined and was told if problems happen to call authorities. The good news is they caught the guy on camera but didn’t catch the guy. On the positive side it was not a hate crime there was no words exchanged except for me telling them wrong apartment and to leave through my door. I don’t open my door to anyone I don’t know.

The lesson I learned from that situation was go bat shit crazy on people who knock on my door that I do not know who keep knocking on my door. And to tell them I’m calling the cops. I’m an extremely private person at my building. I do not have my name on the buzzer board in the lobby. In fact my buzzer doesn’t even work because I don’t have a working home phone line. So if I have a friend over either I have to let them in physically or someone lets them in to the building which people shouldn’t do but do anyways.

November came and left. My birthday was lame and I didn’t do much for it. My good friend who lives in my building came up for a visit and gave me an amazing Marilyn Monroe Calender for 2016. She knows me well and I only have like a ton of MM pictures on my walls. I had dinner with my family and they gave me a few gifts and that was that. November came and went.

December came and was going well. I was finally able to sleep again not amazing but better than November. The day before Xmas I get a phone call from my parents cell and it’s my dad who tells me that my mother was in a car crash. Someone had Tboned her car. They were at the hospital and all she got from it was a broken ankle thankgod. He told me that she was turning at some street lights to go to the grocery store to pick up the turkey and what not and someone going about 80 ran a red light and into the side of her car. My mother was very lucky. I was to go over for Xmas anyways and sleep over but as it turned out I spent the last two months and 1 week living at their house. Helping out, cleaning and while my dad was at work I was home care. Making my mom breakfast and lunch. Helping out with the house work and the dogs.

I would come to my apartment on weekends to pick up the mail and make sure everything was running like the water pipes and make sure my apartment was locked up and good. I have to say the break from my apartment was nice. I was also able to visit Montreal with a new friend of mine. imageI was also able to get a new tattoo because of gift money. Which I have to say I’m madly in-love with my tattoo she’s so pretty. And I’m addicted to wanting more tattoos at some point.

I finally ended a friendship with my ex. And since ending that friendship I’m free to really love again but I have also learned it’s okay to say goodbye. Since doing that I have gone on a few dates with people some became friends while others are out of the Picture.

Also some great news to share I have gained some weight I’m now sitting at around 158lbs. very content at this weight. I think I was able to gain a few pounds over the two months I was at my parents because of the lack of walking with Diva they have a backyard and so she went to the bathroom that way. Unlike when we’re at my apartment were she gets walks daily for bathroom time. She’s also gained a few pounds however her fur coat seems to be some what improving. A lot of the course fur has left and new soft fur has been replaced. We had a very warm few days in Jan and she ended up shedding some fur. Though she still seems to be molting some fur still or maybe because new fur is growing in its place. Not totally sure but I stopped her on that medication that I had put her on the melatonin. Anyways new fur seems to be growing and all the course fur is now soft again. Not sure what’s happening but I’m liking what is happening.

Also I have met some new friends. I’m really enjoying going to my social meet ups they have been a ton of fun. I have also reconnected with a few old friends. And have started to have more of a social life which honestly I’ve needed. I also went bowling recently and really enjoyed that.

Also I’m very proud to say that one of my credit cards is almost paid up. I only have $200 left to pay on it and then it’s getting canceled and then I only have my big one to pay off. I’m extremely proud of my self and you really can do anything you set your mind to. And even though my other credit card is some what high to most people they would say or that’s nothing but to me it bothers me. But slowly it to will get paid off. I’ve also downloaded a meditation app called Windy it’s to be used with earphones or headset and it’s very relaxing. So I’ve decided to do 10mins a day to relax my brain, I also might pair it with coloring in my adult coloring book that my parents got me for Xmas.

And to help me sleep I’ve downloaded an album called Sleep Deeply by Dan Gibsons Solitudes to calm my brain. I used it last night and woke refreshed at 6:30am though I did lay in bed for about half hour before getting up. Also my goal this year is to get a job a true part-time job. In order for me to reach my goals and to move out of this building I can only do that by getting a part-time job and work towards doing full-time and moving out of is building. It won’t happen over night or in the next few weeks but I have goals and I’m ready to reach them.

I have come a long way and I’m ready to go further. Who would have thought that I would have come this far not me, but I’m glad to be where I am today.

Life is great over all I can’t complain.



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