When your done with dicks?

So bachelor number one the guy I had met from Tinder I’m done with. He sends me a text which I get at 8pm saying he’s sorry have to cancel hanging out because he got free tickets to a hockey game. Doesn’t say shit to me all day or even respond to my Good Morning text. Guess what? it was to be date number 3. Sure he took a photo of his ticket but again could have invited me if he got free tickets. Anyways I told him where to go and that I’m no longer interested. It’s not just today it’s the last few days I’m just over it.

Moving on to better things

As I posted to my Facebook account

🤘🏻The one thing I have learned with being single and an attractive female as well being a trans female that men are like buses “There will always be another one 15mins later”. When it comes to online dating if one guy doesn’t work out there will be another guy who will and when it’s one guys loss it’s another guys gain as well mine🤘🏻My outlook on dating now is if it happens awesome if it doesn’t oh well.

And if anyone knows a single tall muscled male who’s legit serious about dating Hook Me The Fuck Up!

Tired of guys who don’t know what they want or are just after sex. There is more to life and people then just getting laid. And it should be about quality not quantity.

End Rant.


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