Can’t Make This Shit Up!

After sending Bachelor #1 that text and I unfriending him on Facebook and unfollowing him on Instagram and not hearing from him after me telling him where to go, I turn on my cell phone this morning to getting a text from him.

Time 1:28am

“Anytime you need a really good …. text. I’d like to please you. Xo”

I’m so glad I turn off my cell to charge because I would be so pissed being woken up at that time to a fucking stupid ass text like he sent me.

You know if I was looking for sex and just sex I can pretty much pick and choose who I want to sleep with when it comes to guys online. Guys pretty much throw them selves at me. Like last night I was on one of the sites/apps I use and I get a message from this guy who pretty much said “I don’t fit the type of guy you’re looking for but I’ve always wanted to sleep with a transsexual and would be interested if you would give me a chance”.

Clearly he missed the part of my bio that clearly states I’m not looking for sex. Honestly it makes me sad that that is all people want these days. I was also speaking to this other guy again last night and he’s like “I really want to be with you” I told him I wasn’t interested him being 5’6 and no sorry. His response to me was “But I want to sleep with you because your hot”.

Thanks but no thanks. My question to all the single ladies and gents out there who are legit serious about meeting people to date. Where the hell do I meant quality people or is it even possible anymore? My hope of meeting the type of guys I like is slowly dwindling. At first I thought cool two guys I’m seeing are both taller than me which is a fucking first but then they both blow up in my face. The first one is a fucking idiot and is now after me for sex. And the second guy is confused on what he fucking wants.

And yet I have short guys who are all after me for sex. And people wonder why escorts make so much money seriously lol. I’m not saying I’m going into that line of work. What is wrong with today’s dating world is nobody wants to commit to just one person. Everyone is out to get some cake and to eat it too and to dip into other kinds of flavours while still enjoying the flavour they first tried.

I feel like if I give up all together on online dating then I might miss out on meeting someone amazing and wonderful and possibly my soul mate or at the very least companion. But with the amount of shit a person has to deal with its getting really annoying super fast. Because of this I removed my ad off CL aka Craigslist. The amount of garbage I was receiving from the site was not what I was wanting, I have no idea how my friend met someone from there unless it was sex first and then it went into dating.

I did meet two decent people from CL that I still talk too. But they are more friends then anything. Tinder is Tinder lol Badoo is a joke but good to pass time and Tsdating is sorta a lost cause but when the company gives you a free life time premium membership it’s hard to leave, though at times I have disabled my account either when I’m just super sick of online dating or I’m actually dating someone. And since joining Instagram I’ve talked to a few guys on that which is rather funny cause like nobody is from my city on it lol yes you really can converse with people on that app!.

So there you have it I just kind of rambled oops sorry lol. Anywho back to that guy who sent me the text. I was going to write him back and tell him off again but what’s the point?. I’ll just make a note of him in my phone and leave it alone. Again quality is what I’m looking for not quantity.

Over & Out



5 thoughts on “Can’t Make This Shit Up!

    1. Hope that goes well, I’m getting together with the one guy who was a bit confused. Going to a movie and dinner as friends hopefully less pressure. Then we can finally talk.

      1. That sounds like a good plan. Nothing wrong with going slow and getting to know each other! I think thats better than going into an online date with too many expectations. Just enjoy each other’s company 🙂

  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. I can definitely relate. I’m noticing the older I get, the harder it seems to be to find a really genuine guy and not one who is out for one thing. I do notice though as I’m getting older, I’m quicker to know if I guy is after one thing before I get too involved emotionally, which has saved a lot of wasted time. I’m sure you will find someone worth your time soon! Hang in there.

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