Long Hair Don’t Care

imageThere was a store I used to go to all the time in Toronto called Cosmetic World they sold everything from hair care and cosmetics to wigs and hair pieces. There was two hair pieces I always loved seeing and always wished I could wear if I only could grow out my hair to wear them. Because they were half wigs also known as 3/4 falls or half wigs. The three I loved were a rich brown and a reddish color and a blonde. But the cost of them were expensive ranging from $250 to $300. They had a long comb at the front and then a smaller one in the back. And this was before they even invented high heat synthetics.

Well when I was on Dhgate.com I finally found a 3/4 half wig it’s high-heat synthetic hair so it can be curled and flat ironed. The Color I bought it in is 27T613 which means it’s a Color 27 so like a strawberry blonde with light blonde ombré tips. It cost under $25 Canadian. And I can wear it with my hair. I did pay the extra $3 bucks so I’ll have it with in 6 to 18 days instead of the 15 to 37days. Like my other hair piece that I bought I didn’t pay for the shipping it was free but takes longer to get to you.

Also high heat synthetics are not as shiny as regular synthetics and look more realistic. I love my wigs I really do but I don’t want to stuff all my hair under a wig. I’m really into hair pieces and adding to my hair then having to cover it up completely. Also for hair pieces like the one in this post. To buy them from an online wig retailer it would cost with tax and shipping well over $100 bucks and I’m just not made of money and I’m also not using my credit cards anymore. So I need to save money but I can spend $25. Also because it’s coming directly from China I have to wait for it to get delivered its not  instant which is also kind of nice.

Taken from Sellers page

1) New style of the 3/4 Fashion half synthetic European wig GS-TFA888
2) 100% Heat resistance fibre
3)The size will fit any average sized male and female and fits very comfortably and securely.
4) All looking hairline naturally and sewn neatly
5) Texture: Wavy
6) Color: 17 Kinds of colours available
7) Length: 60cm
8) Weight: 200gram
9) Material: Heat Resistance Synthetic Hair

Keep an eye out probably next month for my full review it will either be by writing or by video review which I will post over here so all of you can watch.

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One thought on “Long Hair Don’t Care

  1. That one is beautiful! I didn’t know much about “heat resistance synthetic hair” until now (I just always assumed that you really couldn’t style much with synthetic hair). That’s definitely something I’ll have to look into now.

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