Getting Crafty – Dollarama Finds

This is another Dollar store post. As well let’s get crafty. imageWhile I was at the dollar store I found an iPad mini case for $3 bucks. Some might say wow cheap but funny thing is the last case I bought which was cheap and came from China that I ordered from Amazon for what $11.99 was pretty much plastic the back case of it. The case I bought today has a snap closure. This case is pretty sturdy for what I need it for. And when it breaks spending $3 bucks is nothing. That pink case I bought is busted up and is no longer protecting my case if it was to fall.

This new case is made pretty good and is sturdy. And I thought if it doesn’t last long well I’m not out of pocket much. It’s not real leather of course but the cover is great and I like how it has a snap closure.


I also like the purple and brown. It’s cute and well protected. There is a flap that you have to open up to slide the iPad in and then put the flap back in sorta like an envelope. Also there is a spot for a stylist thingy if you don’t want use your fingers one of those pen thingys hehe you know what I mean.

Moving on while I was there I went to the craft section imagewhere they have peel and stick crystals. I wanted to dress up a candle holder I have as well a tray. I got tow packs and they are normal clear and light blue. I just wanted to dress up the base of the holders.

The glass candle holder was from an old candle. Though I do plan to maybe turn it into a mini flower faux arrangement but haven’t fully decided yet. I also bought pink vase stones with glitter in them.

Hereimage is the finished product of what the base looks like with the pink rocks and a tea light.

Cute right? All they are like 8 stones on a sticky back. Peel off and place where every you want them. They come in multiple colours and sizes and shapes. And you get like a ton per pack. And I love sparkle. Who knew I would start to get patients.

I also did my tray that I have because it’s a matte Color and so I imagewanted some more sparkle. You can never have enough sparkle. And because it’s not glued you can just peel it off when your sick of it.

Got to love the dollar store lol.


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