I’m still loving this product and my hair still loves it too. Tho I am finding my hair is way more wavy than curly but it still brings out my waves. What is funny though is the day I wash it, the following day after sleeping on it my hair will be some what straight. But what is cool is all I have to do is spray my hair with a little water and my waves and what not come back.

The last post I wrote about this I included a photo of the back of my hair and sure you can see a few curls but mainly my hair is wavy as I will include a photo I took this morning. Of after I have put the curl lotion in my hair and then another photo of it basically dry they are both side by side. You will also notice the length. I think what I really like the most about my hair is when it’s wavy/curl it looks a little shorter with some texture. The styling possibilities are endless which is awesome.


There really is nothing better than having your own hair. Also I can really put my hair in a serious ponytail. Which is pretty freaking awesome. I’m also excited to say that I’m going to get passport photos done tomorrow and will be getting all glammed up for those well my version anyways lol. Natural yet put together and polished.

Anywho back to the product at hand it smells like lemons which I like. And the shampoo does soap up but nothing like regular shampoo and you will notice your hair doesn’t feel stripped even before you put the conditioner on. One of the pro tips they suggest you do when you use the conditioner is to take a wide tooth comb and run it through your hair before rinsing with cool water. Sometimes I remember to and other times I just work it through my hair with my fingers and then rinse with cool water.

Who knew rinsing with cool water would close the hair cuticle. Learn something new everyday. I do find that my hair is softer by doing that method and not as dry as it used to feel.

If you haven’t tried out this product, what are you waiting for?

If you have tried it leave your experiences in the comments.


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