Hello 160lbs – And something a little deeper

imageI’m extremely happy to be writing this post because I have reached my new goal weight of 160lbs. Honestly 155lbs was fine but I like being what I weigh more now. I think it’s been a great ride but to be very honest with all of you I have to admit something. I was afraid of gaining weight and getting fat again. I now know that you have to consume more calories than you burn other wise you will just drop the weight like I did.

And I was obsessed about not gaining weight last summer. I worked out multiple times a day such as doing my normal workout once a day (7 days a week) and then walking Diva a few times a day for 25 to 40 minutes. I wasn’t eating enough food nor was I eating anything else but chicken and veg there was no fish or any other proteins but chicken and maybe some eggs.

I was dropping weight quickly and dropped to my lowest at 148lbs. I didn’t totally see that I was doing anything wrong, I just knew I didn’t want to get fat again. People did say I was getting to thin but I didn’t see it nor did I want to hear it. It’s like it didn’t matter how fat or thin I was people always had something to say. I’m now at I think a perfect weight for my self. I was quite happy at 160lbs when I was going through my weight loss before dropping to my lowest. I look healthy and I’m extremely happy. I’ve changed my diet to include more things and from the last post I wrote I really do now eat what ever the hell I want!.

What I have learned is its all about moderation as well as portion sizes. But not limiting my self from anything. If I want to eat something sweet I will. If I want that glass of wine I’ll drink it. It’s just not eating to excessive or drinking a ton. Also for me anyways working out on Mondays & Friday’s work for me. And yes walking diva but nothing crazy she’s good for a shorter walk in the morning and then a longer walk in the afternoon.

I honestly feel amazing now. And I know what works for me. Trial and error is what I have learned and I have also learned to relax a little and gaining a little weight is not the end of the world. I believe my body has now balanced out and I feel good and look good which is the most important thing.

Yay for being 160lbs


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