Diva Update -Hello Fur Coat

imageSo back in February we had two days that got really mild so mild in fact that Diva really started to shed a crap load of fur. Tufts of fur was coming off of her. It was the strangest thing to see. She’s still shedding though I think she’s losing a lot of her winter fur. The darkness you see on her back is the darker golden tone she used to have. As you can see with the photo below on the right.


I’m also thrilled to say that she has new fur growing on her tail. It’s baby soft and it’s closer to her back where her tail meets but it’s growing on her tail so maybe there is hope yet.

Before you could see her skin or so I had thought. I also thought her skin was darkening on her back. But to my surprise it was her fur not her skin. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but all the fur that had come in is all super soft like what it used to feel like. The best part is that I think this summer she won’t need to wear t-shirts anymore let alone sweaters. This I am thrilled about. Though she rocks dog clothing I’d rather her not have to wear any.

imageThough if its super cold out she’s got some winter coats and waterproof gear if need be but for the summer I’m thrilled that she may not need to wear a dog t-shirt. And she can just be the cute puffball she is. I now regret getting her trimmed down as much as I did. If she ever gets those sores on her back thighs again I’ll just trim those areas down and leave the rest.

I don’t know if it’s the new food she’s on. Or if it’s just finally taken time to grow back but I’m extremely thankful the fur has grown back and is getting thicker in the areas she was losing it.

Shes still shedding in the ear areas but I’m hoping that to will fill imagein with new fur. And it’s just the spring time shedding that’s happening. Over all I’m extremely happy it’s only taken like two years. Nonetheless she’s got new fur coming in. She finally is starting to look like her old self.

Over & Out


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