What I’m Learning About Dating

What I’m learning about dating is don’t take it serious and till the other person does. I had written about going to see The Danish Girl with this guy I gave a second chance with. So apparently saying good morning and good evening to someone you’re dating can be taken as smothering a person. This is what I was told and yet I wasn’t really doing much of this. I’m pretty sure there is no rule book that two people who like each other can or can’t say “hello good morning to each other or have a good evening”.

Also I’d like to add that he was the one calling it a 3rd date. I originally told him lets just do coffee and a movie as friends but he kept going on that it was a 3rd date. I had also said why lead me on by coming up to my apartment and kissing me on the sofa? His response was its like high school and being a teenager again. Seriously that’s a tad immature. Lead on people much I think so!. If you weren’t totally into me then why keep going. I’m getting rather sick of hearing from guys but your so attractive and sexy, like this is to make me feel better some how I think not!.

Remember this guy I met at a freaking club not even online. Another thing I have learned with dating when a guy says “I hope I don’t end up in the douch bag category”, they just put them selves in one by saying just that. He’s been unfriended from Facebook and deleted from the phone. Also the next guy I date there not getting a spot on Facebook let alone into my phone contacts and till we’re a serious couple. This is a reason I don’t add them into my contacts on my phone and till I know they are a legit person same with Facebook.

He first tried to let me down over text. And till I said get some balls and call me. Instead I called him we conversed and then I let him go but not without having the last word as scorpions need to have, I did it over text. Then he was removed from Facebook and my contacts in my phone.

Of course all this time I never left my online dating accounts. At this rate I’ve had it with guys id like to just stop all together but a small part of me is like but what if the right guy comes along. Anyways as one of my girlfriends said to me last night. It’s “His loss and your gain” as in gain so I don’t have to be with someone like him. Such is life 😔.

Moving onwards and upwards 😉


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