An Entertaining First Date

imageSo I had a brand new date with someone new last night. We have been conversing since February 29th roughly though he doesn’t live in Ottawa he lives about five hours away in Toronto. His head-office of the company he works for is in Ottawa so he came here on business. He’s the tallest guy I’ve been on a date with yet lol. Standing at 6’5 though I’d say 6’6 and or at the very least 6’5.3 anyways the tallest guy I’ve been on a date with yet.

He wanted to do something besides the normal pub or movie type date so he asked if anything was playing music wise like a jazz club or blues for live music. Toronto always has stuff playing. I had looked up the N.A.C. – National Arts Centre the only live music there was Beethoven & Schumann. Anywho he ended up ordering tickets online.

At first I was wearing black dress pants and my black ankle booties but due to weather and it raining I imageswitched out my pants for skinny jeans and my red leather boots. And I’m glad I switched A. My feet were thankful for the heel difference and B. The majority of people last time I went were dressed from  Business casual to fancy dress and everything in-between so I knew from last time it wouldn’t be a huge problem.

So because he doesn’t know Ottawa well he ended up making a few wrong turns coming to pick me up. He was a touch late and by the time he got here it was like 8pm and the show started at 8pm. We ended up getting there a little late and then we got lost in the parking garage. Did way more walking then I’d wanted too but thankful for switching my footwear. That alone was funny getting lost.

Then when we finally got to the venue there was a bar so he bought me the first drink. Then we went to the level we were to sit at and the second part of the show was just finishing up before the intermission. So instead of sitting in on 5 minutes we went to the bar and he bought me my second drink.

The seats he got were pretty high up but closer than when I was there last. There really is something  special about going to the symphony. Also it was the N.A.C. Orchestra that played.

Intermission finished we drank our drinks and then went and sat at our seats a touch late lol. By the way the first two parts we missed was Haydn which was about 22min long. Then the second part that we also missed was Beethoven and that was 28mins yup missed that which I was hoping to hear. But thankfully we made it there to enjoy the full 34min long of Schumann. Though at this point I was tired and honestly I fell asleep a few times lol head even nodded lmfao.

Classical music sometimes will put me to sleep also probably didn’t help that I was up at 6:25am that morning and was go go go all day long. But truth be told my date told me he closed his eyes a few times to because he was also up very early. So the show ends and we drive back to my neck of the woods. Went to a restaurant so he could get some takeout and he then drove us back to my place.

I did invite him up so he could eat his food. Diva really liked him as he liked her, he owns a small dog too. And then we were able to really convers and chat. I was a lady no hanky panky and then he left at like 1am. Which was super late for me. It was one of the more entertaining dates I’ve been on in a while. And the website I met him from I was beginning to wonder if people were legit on it because it’s been years since I met anyone off of this one particular website (all talk).

Who knows if we will have a second date because of distance but I am going to Toronto this summer for a few days and he might be coming back to Ottawa in a month or so. So who knows anything is possible I suppose.

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