Hair Trim Of 2016

imageSo my last hair trim was November 18th of last year. I hated the experience and the place I went to but such is life any who it’s been about four months and I have noticed the ends of my hair are not as smooth as they could be. Now let me start off by saying I dislike having to find a new person to cut my hair that being said I called around to a few places.

The last place is what I went with. It’s an Italian place I’m assuming because I believe it’s owned by some and for sure the people who work there for the most part are. My stylist who I’m loving trimmed my hair and did exactly as I asked. I just wanted a slight trim to remove the dead ends.

He did just that as well was very talkative very nice guy. And I plan to go back in another four months when I need another trim. The price was very good with a shampoo and blow dry for $42.00 I tipped him $5.00. I know in about a month I won’t even notice. Also how he trimmed it literally was just the ends he didn’t touch the layers that I’m trying to grow out which was great. The last place I went they re trimmed the layers which isn’t what I wanted. This stylist was awesome because I said I’m growing it out and he understood what I wanted and didn’t try to push to cut off more.

Also my hair feels healthier if that’s possible. He did compliment me and said how good my hair was that it was in better condition than most since its be coloured and dyed. That coconut oil treatment once a week has really helped id say. Also what I enjoyed about this salon was they had Marilyn Monroe photos on the walls which I loved.

So now I wait another four months lol. So happy to have a stylist again.

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