Saying Goodbye To Boxed Dye!

imageI’ve decided to call it quits with boxed dye. I want to have the healthiest hair possible and dying it blonde is not going to give me that. Even though my new stylist said my hair is in great condition given the fact of what it’s been through. I honestly hate having to dye it. And I think what really stood out to me when my stylist was trimming my hair and would hold different sections out and you could clearly see the levels of different coloured parts it made me cringe inside just a little but just enough that it made me regret using boxed hair dye.

I do love being blonde but the truth is its too much upkeep and the reality is I’m a brunette with glitter bits mixed in. I know there are shampoos and what not to enhance brown hair naturally that don’t damage the hair. And I should really think about using those in the future.

I’ve decided to embrace my natural color. The new hair plan is to grow out my roots at least a few inches and then go to my stylist and have him try to blend what’s blonde into brown to match my roots. I’ve also decided if I want blonde highlights I’ll buy a few clip in human hair pieces like I did when I bought my pink ones. And if I want to go blonde I’ll just rock a wig and save my hair from any chemical damages.

Wigs are so much more mainstream then they once were and if you look on YouTube or even celebrities you can find so much now on them. So this is now my new hair plan. Of course I think one of the reasons my hair is in amazing condition is the coconut oil treatments I do as well not using heat on my hair very often. I rarely blow dry it. And I really try not to use heat styling products on my hair. I hardly ever use my flat-iron and as far as my hot curl brush I use it every now and then. I typically let my hair air dry and go about my day.

So that’s the latest on my hair. Now that it’s growing longer I just want the best head of hair and healthiest around lol.

Have you ditched boxed dye and if so how did you cope with your roots what did you do to get healthy hair?


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Boxed Dye!

  1. You can always do some highlights on your brown hair, or even with an ombre look the upkeep isn’t as much as you don’t have to re-bleach too often. Lots of option – but I always get my color done at a salon and not at home. it turns out better that way!

    1. I’m thinking to ombré the ends to a darker Color then the blonde that’s in it now also the stuff that is dyed from the box has now turned a more strawberry blonde tone. Golden I suppose lol

      1. Yeah blondes do that – whenever I have blonde in my hair I’m sure to use special shampoo made to keep it from getting brassy. I really like Goldwell the best.

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