In A Hair Rut

So since I’ve decided to grow out my natural hair color and scrap boxed dye as well any dye for a while I’ve decided to start wearing faux hair daily. I have two new wigs coming to me in colors I am loving and the lengths are pretty much what my hair length is currently. One is for sure about collarbone length it’s a lace-front mono part and the other is just a mono part. Both wigs are in the blonde family with roots and I know people won’t notice much because my current color is blonde with roots. It will just look like I styled it.

I need to learn to either braid my hair flat to my head or clip it and secure it with bobby pins so the wigs stay on without much bulk. I’m not totally sure if I’ll rock wigs in the summer months because I don’t want like heat exhaustion but we shall see. I used to wear wigs when growing out my hair but then when I got it to a length I was happy with, I just stopped wearing wigs all together which is good but I have such nice wigs I really should be rocking them more so then I do.

imageI have my May wig in Butter Pecan R that I’m going to start wearing and till my other blonde shaded wigs come in. May is straight and the other wigs have more of a wave in them and or curl so I’ll switch it up depending on the style I’m going for. Also by rocking wigs again I don’t have to use any type of heat on my hair either. I’m on this kick of getting my hair to the healthiest I can possibly get it with little damage.

So that’s the latest in my quest to amazing healthy hair. And getting out of a hair rut by rocking wigs again.


4 thoughts on “In A Hair Rut

  1. Love you in the May. I hear about how to manage having hair under the wigs; I struggle with this too. Well it’s not really a ‘struggle’ I guess, LOL, not when other women have hair loss. But it makes wearing wigs a little less fun to have to worry about that bun in the back. I hope you get the wigs soon, can’t wait to see them on you!

    1. I’m sure I’ll get them in a week and a half I’m guessing. Well I rocked May today all day long. Put the hair in a low bun used a clip for my bangs and it worked out perfectly fine. In fact my brother thought I went and had my hair done lol. He had no clue till I told him.

      1. Are you wearing it in the latest Facebook pic you posted? I remember seeing it and thinking, damn, she straightened the hell out of her hair and made it look two inches longer LOL

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