Mermaid Nails

imageSo last year I had bought Revlons Color Stay 340 Sky’s The Limit and I had worn it by its self but hated it. It was to pale even though it’s a glitter Color but then tonight I had an idea to use it over top of China Glazes Turned Up Turquoise. I have to say using the Revlon Sky’s The Limit as a top coat over it looks amazing.

You could also call this Color duo like the ocean it’s very beach water ocean Color. Reminds me of mermaid tail colors or something.

Anyways I’m loving it.

8 thoughts on “Mermaid Nails

  1. You have such beautiful nails. I am a recovering nail biting addict and when I see nails like yours it reminds me everyday of why I need to stop. Your fingers look so healthy and you hands beautiful.

      1. I just stopped on my own. Now I deal with chipping or pealing nails occasionally. I can typically grow them pretty long. I did do gel nails for a bit to curve my nail biting but eventually I just grew out of biting them all together

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