Body By Victoria

So the last time I was at my favourite lingerie shop Victoria Secret, when I purchased my sports bra I was given a gift card worth from $10 to $500 bucks but you don’t know till you get to the cash. Anyways I was gonna be downtown anyways for my meetup social group and I had some time to kill so I thought I’d pop in and look into getting a new Body By Victoria bra. The last time I got that bra was August of 2014 and the size I used to be was a 36DD. Since then the bra is sadly to big. And doesn’t fit me properly.

The reason I love these bras so much is because of the memory foam. There’s no extra padding in the one I get its a Demi cup and gives me the perfect support. The band is comfy and has two hooks as well a wide band. This is probably my 5th bra of this line from VS. Every time I lose weight I have to buy a brand new one. The gift card I got I used on it of course, sadly it wasn’t a high discount but I did get $10 bucks off which is better than nothing.

This size is a 34DD I tried on two other colors a purple and a nude but went with the baby pink. Mainly because I don’t have any bras in this Color and the last bra I got which was the 36DD was super bright. It’s to bad there isn’t like an exchange program or something for gently used VS Bras. Then again I do have expensive taste in my bras lol.

Also Body By Victoria are super comfortable to wear. I’d compare it to a sports bra almost and I think that’s because of the memory foam to be honest with you. The straps are also a nice thickness that gives great support and the thicker band in the back as well.

Honestly VS bras are my favourite and I’ll probably always wear this brand because VS fits me perfectly.

Happy Bra Shopping!


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