Drug Store Hair Color

I was at the drug store today looking for a few things I did end up leaving with nothing. I was so very tempted to buy some boxed hair dye to just throw over my hair I was looking at redish browns but chose to just leave my hair as is. My hair is my main obsession always has probably always will be.

But I held back and just thought of a few things such as wanting to have super healthy hair which means no boxed dye. It’s so difficult when you like to change your hair up and yes sure I have wigs for that but you know what it’s like once you start it’s hard to stop. I told my hair stylist that I’d let my roots grow out and then go back and have him Color match me to my roots. Well a hair stylist can’t match you if your hair has been dyed.

Im just kinda sick of my hair at the moment that’s what it is. I have regrowth and then I have the section of hair that was dyed using boxed dye and that’s a different tone then what was high lighted at the salon from last summer and then there is my natural color from the roots it’s like a rainbow but not the pretty kind it’s like a sunset pretty much but not a pretty one if you look closely at it lmfao.

I just have to remind my self, give it a few more months and when I go back for my trim I’ll do the Color matching. Because I want him to Color match me from my roots. Blonde life is fun but to much upkeep for me to handle. Plus I’m interested to see what my natural Color is.

I was very proud of my self for walking out with nothing.

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