Making Your Wig Your Own

image Since getting my Soft & Subtle wig from my very good friend Marey though I love the wig the bang is longer than mine. I wanted to match it to my bio bang a little more so this morning before heading out. I took some kitchen scissors and trimmed the tiniest bang in. And I think it just made the difference. It’s such a beautiful hair style and it suits me perfectly. I wanted to make it a little more personalized.

I took a small section and trimmed the hair on a side angle. Then I went in and cut up in parts of it to make it a little wispy. As to not make it blunt. I think I did a pretty awesome job if I do say so. Today was hair washing day and I had to do a few errands with my folks as well drop off my paper work to get a new passport.

I knew I was gonna wash my hair this afternoon so I decided to rock this wig. Also it was raining and I knew my hair would never dry in time. So S&S went on and out the door I went. I love the beach wave trend that is happening right now with hair. As I have said and will say again pin straight hair I don’t look good in I think. I mean I look okay but curl or wave softens my face I think.

Anyways wigs are meant to personalize to suit you and if you can’t have fun with your hair then it just gets boring. Anywho this is my new favourite wig also the lace-front is amazing and gives me the hair- line I’ve always wanted and dreamed of, between you and me I hate my hair-line.

Over & Out

4 thoughts on “Making Your Wig Your Own

    1. The only thing that bugs me about Tessa is where the layer falls on me. My dad told me basically gift Tessa to someone and keep Gabor because he lives Gabor on me. In fact I’m madly I love with that Gabor wig.

      1. Yeah, Tessa is a really tough wig to wear. If you know someone who could use it, definitely they should have it! Wait until you see the Glitterati by RW I bought 😉

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