Summer Dresses

imageSo there is a shop here in town that sells amazing brands at major discount prices it’s held in an old Zellers store but carries HBC brands as well Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nygaard, Jessica Simpson and many more. It’s located in Bells Corner here in Ottawa. I have got a few amazing pieces from this shop and went again this past weekend with my mom.

My parents went I’m assuming last week and my father saw this floral dress on a manaquin. He thought it would look amazing on me. Anywho my mother and I went and I tried it on. It fit perfectly and in fact it compliments my tattoo pretty well I’d say. It’s a Ralph Lauren dress size 6 it retailed for $159.00 down to $75 plus 25% off.

I also snatched up a bright pink skirt for get this $2.55 reg $39. Major deal or what. Also they had a small section of shoes in my size from 11 and a few 12s which is rare to find if its not a speciality store or Payless lol.

The dress has caped sleeves, super tiny shoulder pads you can’t even see. It gathers on one side to give a faux wrap style. The material is light weight and there are so many different colors in it that I can pair any  jewellery or shoes with this dress and look like a million bucks as well dress it up or down depending on what I wear it with. It’s tight enough to be sexy but classy at the same time. I absolutely love this dress. I have a purple dress my parents had found like a year ago that’s by RL and that to fits like a glove.

The base Color is like a deep navy blue maybe a purple navy and then different coloured flowers all over it. It’s so freaking pretty. I can’t wait to rock it. Hello warm weather I’m ready for ya.


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