My Hair Journey


The last time I had long hair was back in 2005 to 2006. I spent probably 3 years or so growing out my hair and in my life I’ve had my hair long a max 3 times but never down to my boobs. Though that is my goal to get it that long. Trichotillomania has ruined my chances of ever getting it super long but my plan is still to get it to my goal length of just above or to my bra closure at my back.

I wanted to post the photo above for a while to do the comparison of how long it’s taken me to grow out my hair. It’s taken me two years to get to the current length but not without some crazy ass hard times mixed in. I have worked through the urg to shave my head after a few small set backs in the beginning. I can thank Trich to those but I managed to work through them. I also worked through some highly stressful times and typically my go to was to pull. But when I started my hair growth journey my way of handling stress and my hair was bothering me I would rock my turban. Clip all my hair up or do other things. Since then Trich is no where to be seen thankfully.

Now I obsess over my hair. I rarely use hot tools on it. Including blow drying instead now I let my hair air dry. I do coconut oil treatments once a week which has improved my hair growth. I get trims every 3 to 4 months to keep the split ends at bay. And though I have had my hair coloured by not just salon but by boxed dye my hair is in amazing condition thanks to coconut oil. As well the no heat method.

Ever since I was little I have always loved long hair. I think it’s super feminine, Models back when I was little when I watched Fashion Television all had long hair. Barbie had long hair and you can do so many different hair styles with long hair. And so that’s when my obsession with long hair began. My goal is to grow it as long as I can and have super healthy pretty hair.

I figure if I keep doing what I’m doing besides the hair coloring part I think by the end of this year I’ll get closer to my hair goal.


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