My New Sexy Hair

imageI’m super thrilled today because I got my new hair piece in the mail technically it came Monday but my mom was kind enough to drop it off to my house for me today. My plan was to wear it on Saturday if it was a nice piece. Well it’s so nice I did a video review then linked it on my review on the website so others could see and hopefully they would see its an amazing piece they would want to buy one them selves.

The last hair piece that I got from this one company was a dud. imageIt was super shiny it smelled bad and was not a good hair match at all. But then I saw this 3/4 half wig 200grams, 24inches in length, 100% heat resistant fiber. I paid an extra few bucks for track able shipping. Also it comes in an a range of colors, the Color I got was 27T613 like a strawberry blonde with plantum blonde tips.

I’ve been wanting a half wig for a while and most online retailers sell them but the cost is a little high for a half wig. So when I saw it on for a super cheap price I thought meh if it’s crap then no huge deal. But to my surprise it’s a great piece and when I decide to go back to the dark side I’ll order another one in a darker Color.

I just think half wigs can be super useful when you want to still wear faux hair but don’t want to cover your whole head with a wig and you also don’t want to bother with extensions. There are so many ways you can wear a half wig I found a very useful video Here. I’m super happy that my hair is long enough that I can rock one of these now.

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