Jenn X: Goodbye My Readers


Jenn X
LGBT Perspectives dating blogger

Jenn XOttawa — Dear readers I have decided to step back from writing here. My main reason is I’m all written out!. Also I’m focusing on other things such as my relationship that I currently have. And writing about other things on my personal blog over at Forever It Will Be – I’m Just Me where I write about beauty & fashion as well tons of other different fun things. That’s not all dating focused or is there much in the line of politics or political things.

I enjoyed my time here and had fun writing about my dating experiences and all of that Jazz but quite frankly its super tiring after a while when all you do is write about your shitty time with dating idiots and dicks. And you end up sounding like a broken record more so than not.

My time here was fun…

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6 thoughts on “Jenn X: Goodbye My Readers

    1. Thanks Diana, you can always keep up to date over at my personal blog. Also I do have a dating category where pretty much all my dating posts go so if I do write more on dating topics it will be there so not to worry.

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